Call me vain, but this week I decided to pamper myself with a bikini wax, haircut, and a mani pedi. I did it mostly for delivery room hygiene, but I also indulged because who knows when I will be able to afford such luxuries again. I'll soon have two children at home.

The haircut was relaxing, as was the hand and foot massage that accompanied the painting of my nails. The waxing, however, was more like a torture chamber. To see what happened,


The whole time, all I could think of was, "Whooaaa . . . Kelly Clarkson!" If you need a reference, please rent the The 40 Year Old Virgin. I found it well worth 90 minutes of my life. Nearly jumping off the table with every pulling rip, I began to sweat and held onto my tummy feeling healthy, if not aggressive, kicks from the wee one as I begged for mercy. Finally, it was over and I wondered to myself, "What possessed me to do that?" At least if I go into labor tonight, the hospital staff can say I am one well-groomed mama. But this isn't a beauty competition now is it?

Did you primp for your delivery experience?