Between all the candy, cupcakes, cookies, and chocolate your tots eat on Valentine's Day, they might have a hard time winding down at night. A light snack may help them to snooze. The best bedtime snacks contain carbohydrates and calcium, since those foods are high in the sleep-inducing substance tryptophan. I've rounded up some great heart-shaped snacks. Check out these cute ways to cap off the day of love and get the kids sleeping soundly after the break!

  • Eggs. Use egg molds to fry up some love, and serve it with a slice of toast.
  • Waffles. Carb-rich waffles are the perfect versatile snack — top them with a little peanut butter or bananas to keep your lil ones full.
  • Grilled cheese sandwich. Although too much protein before bed can make it harder for your kids to get to sleep, use a little cheese to make this gooey favorite. Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to get the sandwich Valentine's Day ready.
  • Cereal and milk. It's quick, easy, and super cute when served in a heart-shaped bowl!
  • Muffins. If you started out your day with home-baked heart muffins, leftovers can make a great snack to help your hyper cuties wind down.


Source: Flickr Users HeatherHeatherHeather, Stefan, Laffy4k, and tristansf; ANNA Magazine