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Before & After Kids: The Contents of My Purse (PICTURES)

Before & After Kids: The Contents of My Purse (PICTURES)

Before & After Kids: The Contents of My Purse (PICTURES)

Do you sometimes compare your life before and after kids? That's what Amber Dusick from Parenting. Illustrated With Crappy Pictures just did... using her purse to show what's changed. Her post has us laughing out loud.

She says, "Last week I had plans without the kids. To present the illusion that I am still fancy, I decided to switch the contents of my purse to a different one to match my outfit." What did she find when she looked inside? For starters, a rock, two heart stickers ("that no longer stick"), and a used wad of napkins.

Read on to see a picture of Amber's purse...after kids.

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What's in your purse that wasn't there before you had kids?

Image Source: Amber Dusick

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