Many pregnant women are under the false pretense that once the baby exits the womb and enters the world, their tummy will snap back into place just as it was before the seed was planted. Unfortunately, the body doesn't exactly work that way. Many women leave the hospital smiling with a newborn, but frowning inside at the state of their postpartum flabby figure.

Unlike the outlaw type "bandit," the Belly Bandit comes to mama's rescue and holds her up with a belt instead of a gun. Three days after giving birth to my son, I slapped my black-and-leopard print reversible couture band ($56) around my thickened midsection and prayed the gizmo would work its magic. Upon seeing me, my mom exclaimed, "Will that work on me even if I didn't just have a baby?" Excited by my new and improved figure, I wore it religiously for the suggested six week minimum every night and day only taking it off for showers. There were times I wanted to rip it off to allow my body to breathe, but I held fast and stuck with the program and am glad I did.

I don't know if I can give all the credit to the Belly Bandit for losing my baby weight faster than the last time around, but I know I'd never brave postpartum life again without one!