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The Surprising Perks to Having a Small Family

Dec 30 2016 - 4:03pm

Some say one is the loneliest number, but when it comes to children, it just may be the best number around. While a Brady Bunch-sized family [1] has its benefits, there are plenty of perks to a smaller family unit.

Wondering what number is right for you? Here are some reasons why it's smart to stop after one.

You avoid sibling slip-ups.

Calling your children the wrong name or accidentally comparing the two doesn't happen when there's only one.

Source: Flickr user yourdon [2]

You build a stronger bond.

With unlimited one-on-one time, you and your child will form a special connection.

Source: Flickr user photosavvy [3]

You have fewer schedules to coordinate.

Now you only have one soccer game to sit through [4] a week, not including those awful tournaments.

Source: Flickr user sadiediane [5]

You don't have to referee any battles.

With no sibling squabbles to settle [6], your house will be a place of peace.

Source: Flickr user casch [7]

You can travel without the hassle.

It's much easier (and more cost efficient) to board a plane to Europe with one child than with two or more.

Source: Flickr user wakingphotolife [8]

You save some money.

Here's a math problem for you. It costs almost $250,000 [9] to raise a child. If you have three children, how much money is that?

Source: Flickr user gramody [10]

You are way less stressed.

Don't get us wrong, raising any amount of children is tough work. But you feel less of a burden when there's only one tot to tend to.

Source: Flickr user edgarbarany [11]

Your child becomes more independent.

Without a built-in playmate, your child will learn how to appreciate a little alone time.

Source: Flickr user theqspeaks [12]

You regain your pre-baby life much sooner.

Watching your child move out may make you cry, but it also frees you from doing their laundry.

Source: Flickr user yourdon [13]

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