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The Best CDs for Your Toddler's Playlist

The Best CDs for Your Toddler's Playlist

The Best CDs for Your Toddler's Playlist

Music not only makes a toddler's activities more fun, it's great for brain development. But if you’ve been listening to the same kid CDs so often that both you and your discs feel ready to crack, it's time to ask other moms for recommendations! Here, suggested by Circle of Moms members, are some favorite albums to add to your playlist.

1. Baby Einstein

Many moms begin introducing their babies to music with classical CDs from Baby Einstein. Bonnie B. keeps Playdate Fun, Sing and Play, and Lullaby Classics all uploaded to her iTunes playlist, and says she plays them daily.

Available at, $7 each

2. Beethoven's Wig

Continuing with the classical theme, Tara P. applauds the Beethoven’s Wig Sing-along series. “They take classical music and make it extra kid-friendly by setting cute songs to the music."


Available via Beethoven', $13

3. Yo Gabba Gabba!

Not surprisingly, toddlers like songs they hear on TV. And because Yo Gabba Gabba! regularly features musical guests and a “beat of the day,” it’s no wonder that Joanna G.’s daughter Paige loves all of their albums.

Available at Ty', $11 and up


4. Rockabye Baby!

Rachel H. sings the praises of Rockabye Baby!, which features lullaby renditions of favorite rock songs. “It's pretty radical. They've made Journey, Aerosmith, Green Day, Led Zeppelin, The Cure, Queens of The Stone Age and a million more. I downloaded all their stuff and it was totally worth it. We slip in one of the CDs in the car and the boys are silent and happy as can be.”

Available at, $17 each

5. Sandra Boynton

You might know Sandra Boynton's name from the greeting cards she’s designed and children’s books she’s written, but the series of CDs with music written by the same author are “our little guy's favorites, hands-down,” says Debi P. “They are full of really adorable, clever songs and can be purchased with read-along books from places like Amazon. I can't recommend them highly enough!” she says of Rhinoceros Tap, Philadelphia Chickens, Dog Train and Blue Moo Diner.

Available at, $12 and up

6. Veggie Tales

Theresa J.’s child is now 11 years old, but she recalls that when he was little, he loved the “silly songs” by Veggie Tales.  It certainly can’t hurt to entertain your toddler with songs sung by an asparagus.

Available at, $3.50 and up


7. Fisher-Price Little People

You can’t go wrong with time-tested albums. Katarina R. says the 50th birthday edition of Fisher-Price’s Little People has more than 50 sing-along songs on it, including perennial favorites like The Wheels on the Bus and If You’re Happy and You Know It.

Available at, $13

8. The Wiggles

Australian children’s acts seem to be especially musical; both Hi-5 and Hooley Dooley are from Down Under. But Linda H. is one of several Circle of Moms members who saves her props for The Wiggles. She says the Shake Your Sillies song from the album Yummy Yummy works wonders with toddlers who are on the move, encouraging them to “shake their sillies out, nod their naughties out, jump their jiggles out and clap their crazies out.”

Available at, $19

What would you add to this list?

Image Source: garageolimpo via Flickr/Creative Commons

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