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Pain in the Leg! Charley Horse During Pregnancy

There's nothing worse than waking up with a charley horse, and some mamas-to-be get the muscle cramps or spasms more frequently during pregnancy. If you experience the excruciating pain and are unable to straighten your leg, here's a masseuse's advice for such paralyzing moments. She said to point the toes up toward the knee in a calf stretch. If that is too painful or impossible, use your hands and massage the calf in a circular motion. Hopefully, this will get you back to sleeping like a baby.

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miss-leanne miss-leanne 6 years
I only had one my entire pregnancy, but my poor husband thought I was in labor when I woke up screaming.
MissSushi MissSushi 6 years
i get these bad, and worse when pregnant. I was taking a ton of diff suppliments to try to curb them. I get woken up with my leg curled up as far as it will go and I have to force it with my hands, then put my entire weight on it to get it to uncurl. It usually makes a loud snapping noise when i finally get it. Very painful.
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