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Best Exercise DVDs For New Moms

5 Exercise DVDs New Moms Will Love (and Might Even Use)

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Work that body! Of the many pressures new mamas face after giving birth, the desire to get back to their pre-baby bod ranks pretty high for many women. New mamas want to get back in shape for more than aesthetic reasons (although that's clearly one motivating factor); moms have a lot of responsibility; they're often taking care of a newborn with very little sleep, and a healthy, strong body is essential. Even the most committed pre-baby gym rats will likely have a hard time making trips to the actual gym or yoga studio a priority, which is why at home workout DVDs are a major life (and butt) saver. Check out five workouts tailored to meet the needs and tastes of different mamas, and tell us: how did you get back in shape post-baby?

Ballet Beautiful workout series, created by Mary Helen Bowers, a 10-year
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