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Best Season For Pregnancy 2010-10-14 14:00:28

The Perfect Season For Pregnancy...Chime In!

Summer, Winter, Spring, or Fall? While not all women control when they become pregnant, others map out motherhood. Depending on where a lady lives, she may spend her final weeks before delivery hiding out in air conditioned places during a Summer pregnancy or have to deal with rain, sleet, and snow during a Winter pregnancy. Do you think there's a perfect time to be pregnant?

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starbucks2 starbucks2 6 years
My daughter was born in late August and it was hell...I'd rather be pregnant in the colder months. Although it was nice to only have to put on a sundress....
magickofreiki magickofreiki 6 years
i loved June-March because I avoided my biggest allergy months (April, May)! It was fun being pregnant during all the holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years). Plus, I loved the cold weather while I was further along in my pregnancy.
knowmercy knowmercy 6 years
We've been trying to plan our 2nd pregnancy and this has been a major factor. While I don't want to wait any longer I would not look forward to being full term in August. During my first pregnancy I was pregnant August - May. Mid-April we had a heat wave and my ankles swelled. I was miserable. A/C may be my only salvation.
grablife365 grablife365 6 years
Right now is a good time for me. I got pregnant right at the start of June. Wasn't too hot, I was hot yes, but not too hot. Now it's cooling down and I'm getting bigger but it will be texas winter and spring so I don't think the weather will make me uncomfortable. It doesn't snow here, doesn't get too cold and by the time I'm done being pregnant, the weather will start to get warmer just in time to get out a little bit.
PatiBF PatiBF 6 years
I was pregnant from May - February and it was perfect because I was at my heaviest during the coldest months of the year. I was always hot anyway so I think it would've been 10x worse if it were summer. Also, by the time summer rolled around I had lost 90% of the baby weight so I felt okay in my shorts and sleeveless dresses! I think I was always as comfortable as I could have been in each stage of pregnancy and recovery.
Carri Carri 6 years
I was newly pregnant during the summer of 2008, which had the most consecutive highs in a long time. I'm talking over 100 for a couple of weeks. I was miserable. It wasn't until it cooled off (November-ish for So Cal) that I started feeling better. We don't get snow so I only had to deal with the occasional rain. During my last month, I was able to wear sweats (something I would NEVER do otherwise) to help stay comfortable. I would rather have that than the heat.
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