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Feel the Wind in Your Hair With Classic to High-Tech Sleds


Bring on the snow day! An overnight snow fall may wreak havoc on the morning commute, but it brings out the best in lil ones who can't wait to bundle up and play. Whether racing each other for the fastest run down the local hill or going for a leisurely ride through the neighborhood, kids love sleds. From classic wooden versions to ergonomically designed speed demons, these picks are guaranteed to add some thrill to the next snow day!

  • Mountain Boy Sledworks Butterfly Convertible Wagon ($200) converts from a wagon to a sled in a matter of minutes for some old-fashioned fun!
  • Morgan Cycle Prancer Sleigh ($350) adds a bit of nostalgia to the classic sleigh ride.
  • The Kringle Snow Sled ($38) is the perfect way to introduce young tots to the joy of sledding.
  • This Red Sled ($43) uses a classic Toboggan style to whisk riders through the snow, and then folds up flat for storage.
  • The Flexible Flyer PT Blaster Sledding Mobile ($80) is designed for older kids with a functioning steering wheel and brakes.
  • The high-tech Hammerhead Sled ($350) has an aluminum frame and mesh suspension seat for a comfortable ride every time.
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 5 years
Those look like some bad ass sleds! I am a lifelong sledding fanatic and it's awesome because now that I have a kid, people don't look at me funny when I go. I use a foam sled with a plastic bottom, I got it a Sam's Club 7 years ago for $20 and it's still in good shape. I like it because you can get 2 full size adults on it and it's so slick on the bottom, it still slides, even if it starts to spin. The ones with the runners dig into the snow if you're over 125 lbs and you don't steer them straight as an arrow, and you end up tipping over halfway down the hill.
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