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Prepare For Takeoff! What's the Best Time to Fly With Kids?

Flying high with small children isn't always seamless. Despite careful planning by the parents, some kids still unravel in the air. While lots of moms book flights late at night so their tots are too tuckered to complain, others make the airplane ride the day's activity. What is optimum for your family, and do you take fellow passengers (morning flights are often business travelers, etc.) into consideration?

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lawchick lawchick 6 years
I haven't had my baby yet and so obviously haven't flown with one. I do fly fairly frequently, though. I equate screaming babies with having to sit next to a very overweight person who refused to buy a second seat or a very smelly person. None of those things are fun, but that's life. Of course, this is infinitely more tolerable on a short flight (2 hrs or less) than a long flight -- they maybe should have family compartments for international flights.
aembry396 aembry396 6 years
I'd say mornings, although I haven't done that that much. We end up with a lot of night flights. Which with an infant means she will probably sleep more, but if she does cry she is waking up people who may be counting on the sleep. I say daytime cause then, i'm not missing out on sleep too.
MissSushi MissSushi 6 years
I think people really need to just get over the whole kids flying thing. Unless you'd like us to just die out, kids are going to be around for a while. Just like annoying and inconsiderate adults will be. I find teenagers/early 20s to be WAY more annoying then little kids, no matter how bad they're crying, tbh. Bring some music and noise reduction headphones and enjoy the ride.
mstrauss mstrauss 6 years
I think taking fellow passengers into consideration would be crazy, unless you are trying to decide whether to fly first class or coach with children (always go coach...people pay alot of money to fly first and don't want kids crying overy their shoulders)! While I do feel bad for the people around me when my kid is crying, I just can't be so hard on myself when I am the one in the worst situation of all! Does no one feel bad for me? I don't like the crying anymore than you do.
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