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Birth Control in Schools: Kid Friendly or Are You Kidding?

Whether there was a pregnancy pact at Glouchester High or not, the Massachusetts school made headlines and as a result contraceptives will be distributed there and at other district high schools with parental consent. What's your opinion?

amerikanbeanhead amerikanbeanhead 9 years
Justanerd- prehaps yell is a stronger word that was required however understand that this is a HUGE issue for a lot of people. When you quote the bible, it is true for you but for many people on here, the bible is either just a book or not true. Before you say that I think your a freaky fanatical and I have never read the bible, please do understand that while I am a christian and I am active in my church in many ways, my religion may have a different interpretation of the bible than yours. I have always been taught to hate the sin and love the sinner. Only God can judge, it is not up to me to tell other people how to live their lives. I accept everybody and their sins. I am not perfect therefore I can not tell somebody that they are wrong for being gay ( which I dont believe is a sin, its the way you were born, imho) , or for not wanting to have condoms etc in schools. God loves us unconditionally, even when we mess up. I dont think anybody is bad based upon what the believe or do not believe. I fail to understand how many of my friends feel that somebody who has never heard the word of God is going to hell. I just dont understand. Even for those who have. I have always felt that if you are a good person in general you are most likely living along with the rules that God put forth for people and that heaven is still an option for them. I dont think you can interpret every part of the bible as true because there are some very antiquated ideals in there. I think that most of the bible is filled with stories of how God wants people to treat each other and if more Christians actually lived a chrisitan life people wouldnt think of christians as so judgemental. If we all just were nice to each other and forgiving of each other the world would be a much much better place. All I am trying to say is that the Bible may or may not be totally true, if people were kinder to each other the world would be a better place, only God can judge and prehaps yell was a stronger wording than necessary justanerd
Jessiebanana Jessiebanana 9 years
Oh and the high school I graduated from has a planned parenthood center on campus and we had lower teenage pregnancy rates than any other school in our district and even beat most of the schools in higher income areas. Just my personal experience.
Jessiebanana Jessiebanana 9 years
justanerd...What about AIDS? Your children may be able to step up to the plate and handle the consequences of a baby. Babies are beautiful things regardless of entrance, but there is nothing beautiful about AIDS. Protecting yourself from STD's is a very mature adult decision, not a cop out to escape consequences. Now what I'd like to see is gay sex ed. Not a how to manual. Gay teens are real and everyone deserves to be informed. To save you from looking at my profile, I am queer. You don't have to worry about my soul cause I'm already agnostic ;).
PinkUnicorn PinkUnicorn 9 years
Ugh. I am so thankful I live in Canada where sex is not such a hot-button issue. We get proper sex-education in school and birth control and condoms are no big deal.
Frank-y-Ava Frank-y-Ava 9 years
I would be ok with it if they were handing out condoms without parental consent. When you buy condoms you don't have to be a certain age (a 10 year-old can buy condoms). Now a pill is something different, I would definitely perfer that I have consent (if i was a parent, which I'm not).
alethia037 alethia037 9 years
Actually, the post says "contraceptives will be distributed there and at other district high schools with parental consent." I would not be okay with it if parents were not involved... that just gives kids too much free reign.
justanerd1975 justanerd1975 9 years
alethia, the post doesn't say that the school nurse will be distributing the BC, or that someone else will be in control of it, does it? Most of the reports I have heard say that the goal is to help kids get BC anonymously, so more teens will be likely to use it. The condom-dispenser in the bathroom is soon likely to be a reality in middle schools & high schools all across America...
alethia037 alethia037 9 years
I think the important thing here is that parental consent is required for the birth control... they aren't just handing it out like candy folks.
justanerd1975 justanerd1975 9 years
anne, God did not allow satan to hurt Job in all those ways to "test the health of Job's faith", that is incorrect. Satan afflicted Job with all of that to get him to curse God. The story of Job shows us that satan is always trying to afflict believers to get them to curse God, and "give up" as Job's pleaded with him to do. Just to clear up the book of Job for you: God was approached by satan, satan was mocking him and telling himm that His people only believed because they had such prosperity and that the second the didn't,they would curse God. God said, have you considered my servant Job? His faith is strong and true- satan then afflicted him to get him to curse God. And I always quote from all parts of the Bible, you clearly don't read all of my posts ;) Of course I believe the entire word of God is inerrant. That doesn't mean that I choose to assimilate to wrong beliefs under the guise of loving my neighbor- I can love my neighbor and disagree with him about what is right and what is wrong at the same time. I said that your church failed because if you were doing those things and they knew about ti and did nothing, that is a failure on their part. You making the choices you did despite being brought up by righteous Christian parents was your own failure to live righteously as you were taught to do. There are always kids who choose to live in rebellion to what their parents have taught them, despite the parent having done the right things in raising them. Only God knows if that will happen to me with one of mine. My only responsibility in how they turn out is to raise them as the word of God says I should, and the rest is up to them and God. There is a wo0nderful promise though: "If you raise them up in the way they should go, they will not depart from it when they are older" so there is still hope for you and your getting right with God anne ;) frimpled, I read your comment and understand what you are saying. I realize that we differ in our beliefs about how children should be raised and about what healthy sex is, so all I am going to say is that I am sorry my previous comment about your mom being proud of your having teenaged sex was insulting and I will think more carefully about how I say things in the future, as I am trying to do now. I do believe that it is a shameful thing for teens to do this, and I believe that they know inside that it is too, that's why they sneak around and do it. But I certainly realize that your mom, you and others have the free will to choose however you want to about sex and every other facet of human living. lilashleyxox, I'm sure that you are ;)
lilashleyxox lilashleyxox 9 years
im glad justanerd isnt my mother.
frimpled frimpled 9 years
Justanerd- My mother is perfectly proud of me having SAFE sex during my teen years. Most teens who are having sex (and lots of teens ARE engaging in some kind of sexual activity) don't have safe sex, and rely on pulling out/praying or some other stupid method. I started having sex at 14 because I trusted my boyfriend, we were both aware of what we were doing, and we were both comfortable with the idea. I've always used protection and only had sex when I completely trust and love the person. Not everyone takes sex SO seriously or thinks that people should wait until marriage, in fact, that seems like a ridiculous idea to me. 6 years of teen sex and I'm clean, never been pregnant, and have a perfectly normal view of the world. I'm not some kind of social degenerate for having a healthy view of sex. I believe in schools making protection available because kids are ashamed to go and buy condoms themselves. Not having protection won't keep a teenager from having sex!
annebreal annebreal 9 years
Justanerd - is it really worthwhile to quote what is popularly thought to be an allegory, the book of Job, as a dose of reality? That right after the devil looked for whom he may devour God accepted a challenge from him, and as a consequence of that, stripped a man of his livelihood, children's lives, and health to test Job's faith? If that book is a sobering reality of the character of Satan, it could also serve as a sobering reality of God's character. That's why I personally view it as allegory, because I do believe God is all good and wouldn't intentionally cause someone to suffer to prove something to his inferior. Plus there's no historical evidence for it. Maybe you should question things rather than be spoon-fed off a pulpit (assuming that all your comments are serious, and not a joke to rile people up, which I'm kind of hoping they are?). But I always find it hysterical that fundamental, knee-jerk far-right evangelicals seem to tout all the scriptures in the world except the ones that warn against passing judgment and loving your neighbor as yourself and being slow to quarrel. Yeah, there is an adversary. But by being hard-nose, intolerant, and completely stereotypical of a certain sect of reactionary, unthinking Christianity, do you really think you're helping our cause? Seriously? Yeah, you're entitled to your opinion, I'm not denying that, but I don't have to like it when you make my spiritual choice look bad in the process. It's an example (of many, of course, there are a lot of things wrong with the church) of why people are opposed to or don't take the church seriously anymore. And my personal choices aren't a direct result of a parenting failure or a church failure. I find it funny though, that both my parents and my church preached the same values you're spewing, and my church failed? Is that because putting it on my parents could hit a little too close to home?
justanerd1975 justanerd1975 9 years
tinker, I was thinking more the opposite...knowing that I could get pregnant at a young age and knowing that I had no birth control to rely on sure kept me from having sex when I wanted to! I'm glad I had that healthy fear of knowing that bad choices have consequences that I will have to pay attatched to them. That helped me all throughout life, with many, friends, relationships, jobs, etc.etc.
justanerd1975 justanerd1975 9 years
amerikan... I yelled ..? when was that? K.....and, I didn't say lightening would strike anyone. I think you need to stop putting words into my mouth. As far as my saying that your kids will have sex as teens if you have that attitude, I stick by that. I don't mean to be insulting,however. People on here have no trouble expressing to me how they think my kids are going to turn out, so it seems to be par for the course to make speculations... and before you assume that Christians are not good whereas Christ is good, look to all the good Christians do and then see if you change your mind. Not perfect people, but doing much good in the world, by God's grace.... anne, that is a shame. Maybe your church was a failure, but that doesn't mean that it is wrong to stick to the foundational beliefs of Christianity.... I do educate my kids about sex and birth control, as I said before. They will not be uneducated, they will be taught that God and their parents expect them to abstain until marriage and if they don't, they will have to own up to the consequences- same thing I knew when I was growing up! tinkerbelle, i think that is a shame...that teen sex is considered normal now.And it's not me who says satan is romaing the earth- you say you have read your bible many times-how do you not know that it was the Lord who said that? How do you not know that the devil is real and present today? Maybe you were sleep-reading. Look up these scriptures for yourself; if you don't believe me that's fine by me but will you disbelieve God?... Job 1:7 "And the LORD said unto Satan, Whence comest thou? Then Satan answered the LORD, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it, looking for whom I may devour..." this is a sobering warning, if you take it so lightly and even mock it as yyou have here tinkerbelle, you will be very sorry because he(satan) will be able to gain control of you, as he already has, getting you to believe that he is make-believe and not a threat to you. Anywho, regardless of your personal feelings about me and how I raise my family, and my opinions about these things, the word of God will not be judged by me or my opinions. His word is true and it will stand long after we are all gone. If we choose not to hear it, then that is our choice. We will reap the consequences of whatever choices we make, as all of you know for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.
tinkerbellkrisp tinkerbellkrisp 9 years
Kids having sex is a problem, even in high school. Even though MANY people have had sex in high school, and its considered normal now, we can't justify our own behavior and say its fine for our kids to do the same. Sex should only be for one reason, and I know it's hokey, but it is love. It means SO MUCH more when you're in love, and its too risky to have it for other reasons - STDs, pregnancy, emotional blackmail, etc. I waited until I was 20, and I was NO PRUDE. The backseat of my boyfriends car in high school got just as steamy as anyone else's - I just wasn't having sex, and I've never regretted it. However, I could not have made the choice not to have sex if I hadn't been FULLY INFORMED about the consequences and given the option to do what I wanted if it felt right. I always had condoms in my purse just in case. I cherished feeling in control of my own life as a teenager. In fact, it was one of the most important aspects of becoming an adult - feeling free and making concious decisions for myself, rather than doing exactly what my parents told me to do. How depressing is it to tell children they are too stupid to understand they shouldn't have sex, so we just won't let them know about it!

Telling a teenager they are forbidden to have sex is a sure fire way to have them go out and have sex immediately. Why not give them all their options, stressing our expectations along the way, and let them choose their destiny? If they're old enough to drive a car, they're old enough to understand how to avoid making terrible mistakes. Let THEM choose and give them condoms just in case their choice is different than what we want it to be. That is true responsibility and parenting. Because, let's face it, in 4-5 short years, they're on their own and they should know how to make even more life altering decisions by then. If we haven't taught them that yet, they'll be even more susceptible to the ever present devil as justanerd1975 seems to think is roaming the earth. (And yes, I HAVE READ THE ENTIRE BIBLE MULTIPLE TIMES, and I didn't see any mention about a mythical devil controlling my mind in there - tee hee!).
Mrs-StClair Mrs-StClair 9 years
"My non-existent kids are having sex because I don't believe in God?" hahaha that actually made me lol... anyway learning about something does not mean you have to practice it. i'm sure if justanerd were to learn about other religions, she wouldn't go practice them. you learn about things online or in the news or whatever, and it doesn't mean you're going to think "oh hey that's awesome I'm going to go do it right now" teens aren't stupid. teens do have their own mind. and, of course they're not adults, but guess what? if they really want something, they're going to do it. it's sex EDUCATION class. not sex encouragement class. learning about your body and the opposite sexs' body isn't bad. learning about protecting yourself from life-threatening diseases isn't bad, SHOULD YOU CHOOSE to have sex. again, it's not forcing teenagers to fuck, it's teaching them the consequences of doing it. so many parents dont teach their children, and i think it's totally fine for schools to. maybe have some sort of waiver so the religious folks don't have heart-attacks. a certain teen celebrity is pregnant again because she though that she couldn't get pregnant while breastfeeding. isn't that absurd? that she didn't understand that sperm & egg = baby? it seems so stupid, but she DIDN'T KNOW! if she was educated on conception, sex, birth control, then she wouldn't have gotten pregnant again. again, it's education. it's not like they're locking a boy and a girl in a room and making them do it! lol
annebreal annebreal 9 years
Justanerd - I am a Christian and I find your assumption that because I disagree with your sweeping generalities and paranoia means I don't believe in the same god you do offensive. Also understand that setting rigid, fundamental boundaries isn't fool-proof. I was raised in a fundamental Christian home, attended a very conservative, tiny Christian school (graduated with 15 others) and was far from a virgin when I graduated. In fact, most of the previously homeschooled kids ended up being the most rebellious and promiscuous in that school. I'm not saying that that'll happen to your kids - although you made assumptions about mine - but don't think that because you set rules and preach doesn't mean your kids won't have their own ideas.
K-is-For-Kait K-is-For-Kait 9 years
My non-existent kids are having sex because I don't believe in God? That's some twisted logic right there. When I do have children, they will be well-educated about sex and how to protect themselves properly. Honestly, I won't worry about my future children and their sexual habits because I will be upfront about the subject with them and teach them to have sex responsibly when they are ready to do so. Ignoring the issues or trying to scare children into believing they'll be struck to hell of the have sex is NOT the smart way to go about it! Sorry! Really, you're being unbelievably rude. Learn to maturely and respectfully disagree with others and stop act as if you're better than those people to disagree with you-- you're not. "I like your Christ, but I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike Christ." -Gandhi
amerikanbeanhead amerikanbeanhead 9 years
Justanerd- insulting people is not the way for them to see your side of things. The best way to show people who you feel are not living a christian life who you want to follow your religion is to be the best christian you can be. Teach by example not yelling at them about satan roaming the earth. About hormonal birth control- many many people thought that I was no longer a virgin at a very young age because I have been on the pill on and off scince the age of 12. I would get horrible periods for 2 or 3 weeks at a time so to stop me becoming anemic they put my on birth control. I took a lot of emotional beating from people because I was so young, becuase nobody understood why I needed them if I wasnt having sex. Lots of sleepovers with lots of girls at that age, and I would have to go take my pill. Turns out that I have PMDD- but that another situation/story all together My mom was always very open with me about birth control methods, STD/STI's, and always encouraged me to be very free with any questions I had with her. The rest of my friends had the exact opposite teachings. ( I.e no talk at all or only absisnence - varying religions) Out of all my friends, I waited the longest, until college with my first boyfriend, we were in love and I felt ready for it. My friends started having sex with multiple partners starting sophmore year of high school, and somehow people always came to me for advice, because I knew the most. I never drank in high school, did drugs or anything like that. But I always knew if I did scew up and make a bad choice like that my parents and I would have talked about it, talked about why I made that choice and then I would be punished as such. Grounded for years as I was forewarned :p The fact is that I was the only one with open lines of communication ( and still do ) and I was always one of the few kids who gave their parents little to no trouble. Giving a kid a condom isnt saying go run off and have sex! Porn isnt saying go run off and have sex! If you have raised your children the way you wanted them to be raised then they dont have to go get the condoms from the nurse.
LiLRuck44 LiLRuck44 9 years
Graylen, you go girl. It sounds like your mother is doing a great job :) I certainly will teach my children everything about it when the time is right. Kids make their own choices (I learned that when my kids were... 1?). They need to be informed, but they also need to know where you stand. While I don't condone the behavior, and I think it's a bad choice, it is still their choice. I disagree with BC in schools simply because I don't think that topic belongs in schools, I think it is up to the parents. (Sadly I think most parents of teens think it is the opposite...) Not to mention the seriousness of a hormonal medication. Anyway, I am personally happy that justanerd is an informed parent trying to instill some sort of morality in her kids. Hopefully when my kids are older they'll abstain and be able to find someone else who chose to do the same :)
TwistandShout TwistandShout 9 years
Would I be ashamed or feel dirty if I lost my virginity in the next five years? Not at all. Will I? Possibly. I have stayed a virgin unlike my peers because I recognize that I am not ready. How do I know this? I have been taught and fully understand the consequences of sex. Until I feel emotionally capable of having sex, I will abstain. If that happens to be when I'm 16 or 18, then I will not feel wrong or dirty or ashamed of myself. That's entirely the wrong attitude to have about sex.
justanerd1975 justanerd1975 9 years
badkitty, are you really saying it's not shameful and wrong to have sex as a teen?? That is what wer'e talking about here... teens having sex, not adults having sex. And you can teach your kids about sex, sexual diseases, birth control and about abstinence without telling them that the education your giving them means it's Ok that they go out and do what they're learning about... Besides it being obvious that most of us Sugars think that it's Ok for teens to have sex, I think my lone voice crying out here for purity is overrun by the many shouting voices of popular culture. I was faithful to at least oppose those voices and uphold God's standards, so I can have a clear conscience about not visiting this post again. have a great rest of your Saturday,ladies :)
justanerd1975 justanerd1975 9 years
Jessie you said that "we would like our children to remain chaiste until marriage...which is a good this day and age...its harder and harder to will give into peer pressure.....even while saying they don't want to........i know its up to the parents to teach their kids....but its up to the kids whether or not they follow thru with it..teenagers have their own minds....." respectfully, I still feel that teenagers should NOT be allowed to "have thier own minds" in the way of treating them as adults you have to be at home with them and teaching them, just because they are adolescents does not mean that they are adults yet or that they can be left to fend for themselves and we say "oh well, they have their own minds you know," and absolve ourselves of any responsibility for them...anyways you know I love you and respect your opinion too and I do see your point, I just disagree ;) TwistandShout, I do not mean to be insulting to anyone, and I do see your point. I guess that could have been hurtful, and I do apologize to the commentor. I guess I really need to think more before I type sometimes ;)and my point was that there isn't really a difference between giving a kid porn and giving them a condom: your still introducing sex as acceptable for them. And I don't teach that God will burn my children in Hell if they make a bad choice with sex or anything else, because that is not the truth about God. The only souls that end up there are the one's that reject salvation. macgirl, of course I seem like a fanatic to you, because your not a believer.If you were, you would have read your Bible, which would have told you that satan is the ruler of this world an impurities of all kinds are his love and mission for this world, especially starting kids early in their youth.... I just diagree about putting condom dispensers in schools, and about taking teens to go have abortions without their parents and the both the unborn child's parents approval. K is For Kait, that's why your kids are having sex!
graylen graylen 9 years
I'm with Greggie on the hormonal birth control front- I don't want my daughter getting BC without my knowledge. That's a serious drug (with sometimes serious side effects). I'd rather take her to the doctor and know what was going on with her medically. I am a Christian and don't believe in sex before marriage (and am practicing that now). However, I think people are burying their heads in the sand if they don't think teens are having sex. My mom told me flat out that she would be disappointed in my choice if I did have sex at that time, but would rather me come to her and learn about the forms of birth control as she would be way more disappointed if I was pregnant at 15. I think the education needs to be there. I don't think learning more about it makes people want to have sex more. I know extensively about forms of birth control/STD's/safe sex, etc and it certainly didn't make me want the next person I saw! If a person is going to make a choice to remain abstinent, learning about condoms isn't going to change that IMO.
K-is-For-Kait K-is-For-Kait 9 years
My high school and college both had birth control available in the Nurses' Office/Health Services. I see absolutely nothing wrong with it. People are going to have sex no matter what, so it would be irresponsbile to turn the other cheek and not give them protection, then shame them when they get pregnant. While I respect your POV, justanerd, I think we're far past the point where God can be used as an excuse for abstinence. Many people, including myself, don't believe in God or organized religion. Also, many people who are conservative and religious have premartial sex, so you can't rest on their morals either. Just look at Bristol Palin.
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