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Birth Photo Mom Hugging Her Newborn

Stunning Photo of a Mom's First Hug With Baby Conveys Universal Feelings

Childbirth comes with a roller coaster of emotions, but for most moms who get to hold their baby right after they're born, the feelings are indescribable. However, one powerful birth photo taken by Miami photographer Zura Lagarde completely captures that universal joy and disbelief in holding your child for the very first time.

In the stunning photo, a new mom is seen clutching her child to her chest while tears stream down her face. Zura, who was acting as a midwife assistant for this particular birth, managed to whip out her camera at just the right moment to capture beautiful snaps that this mama can cherish forever. "I love being able to attend births, it's just my favorite thing to do," Zura said on her Instagram. "To see a new life entering in to this world it's just the biggest gift/blessing for my soul and my heart."

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