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Birth and VBAC Dolls

There's a Doll For That: Teaching Kids About Natural Birth, VBAC, and More

If mama ever wants to explain to her lil one how he was born vaginally, while his big sister came out via C-section, there's now a doll for that! Perhaps one of the odder baby products out there MamAmor has just introduced a VBAC doll ($175), complete with a C-section scar and a Velcro opening through which her new lil one can enter the world. The company recommends the doll for tots over the age of three, but mom may want to wait until her tot is a bit older to explain the differences.

The VBAC doll joins a growing collection of anatomically correct toys on the market that help a mom visually explain vaginal birth. From breastfeeding versions to those that also deliver the placenta, here are six birthing dolls for kids.

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