Bite of Love: Colorful Candy Brownie Cupcakes
Bite of Love: Colorful Candy Brownie Cupcakes

If your tots are wild about chocolate make them a simple sweet treat for Valentine's Day that's heavy on the cute, but lighter on the serving size and sugar. You can dress up everyday snacks like brownie bites with small decorations like a dab of icing and three M&M's to transform them into festive bites of love.

Not only will you avoid bakery lines and baking time, but brownie bites are much smaller than full-sized cupcakes or the giant sugar cookies so your tots won't be prompted to jump off the walls.

To check out my guide to making these yourself,


Colorful Candy Brownie Cupcakes

Colorful Candy Brownie Cupcakes


  1. 1. Package of pre-made brownie bites or homemade mini brownies
  2. 2. Tube of cookie frosting
  3. 3. Colorful candy. Preferably pink, red and white M&Ms.


Put a small dollop of cookie frosting on the top of your brownie bite and place candies in the center as festive decoration.

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I already love the Sugar Bowl Brownie Bites (yay Costco!) . . . I will definitely have to make these . . . They're way cute and I needed a reason to get the Brownie Bites again.
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