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If you're considering starting a blog to chronicle your family's growth I suggest you begin by spending a little time thinking about what you want to share and how you will go about doing it.

  • Decide what you want to share and where you will share it.
    The first thing you have to do is decide what kind of details and stories you want to share and if you want the site to be password protected or open to the whole world wide web. If you want to announce your pregnancy to all your friends and family at the same time consider putting up a simple page with a picture of your belly and a sweet note.

For more suggestions of things to consider before starting a family website,


  • Buy an easy to remember domain name.
    I love when couples purchase a domain name that combines both their names, i.e., or or their family name like You can purchase a domain name from sites like Go Daddy for less than $10. Go Daddy will actually host a very simple site for you that can be configured like setting up a blog. If you want to host the site somewhere else, you can just have the domain name forwarded (translation, you can purchase a domain name and have it forward to your Blogger account). Keep in mind you may want to have your site password protected, to keep it safe from prying eyes.
  • What will you share or keep secret?
    When you begin creating your site or blog, take some time to consider how much detail you want to share. There are some couples that start with a wedding website and later extend it to include photos of their children, vacations and funny videos. Others create a website just for their pregnancy or child rearing years, but make it incredibly detailed so it can one day serve as a memory book for their child and can help faraway relatives stay up to date.
  • Design it yourself or get help?
    If you're not a computer programmer or HTML savvy, I suggest going the easier route (after all, you have enough to worry about, don't you!) by starting an account on a social network like TeamSugar. You can always share links to your online albums and blogs with friends. In the case of TeamSugar your friends and family will have to sign up to view and comment on content, but then they can share their own pics and stories!
  • Make sure you tell everyone about your site!
    Once you have put the site together, make sure to send out an email or handmade snail mail announcement to let your friends and family know about the site.


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