So you've decided to create a website to share stories and photos of your child. Now what? After you spend some time deciding if you should purchase a specific domain name and who you expect will read the site it's time to start writing! Here are some suggestions for what to include:

  • Memorable moments — Family websites are the perfect place to share ultrasound pictures, birth announcements and those hilarious kid moments. You can send the link to all your friends and they can comment on the site instead of in an email.
  • Photos! — I cherish the photos of my children and can't help but want to share them with all our friends and family. I suggest including all those magical individual pictures of your children on special occasions, silly moments or even weekly or daily pics.

For more ideas, just


  • Share your photo service page — If you don't want to spend time uploading pictures to your website consider using Flickr or Picasa to share your pictures with family and friends. You can upload them in a flash (often you can use an uploading tool and get hundreds of photos online in a matter of minutes), tag them, give them captions and best of all allow your family and friends. You can always link to your photo service page on your blog or website.
  • Video — You can upload your video footage to TeamSugar or YouTube and send the link to friends, or use the embed code and put the video on your site.