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Lil Community: In Search of Gestational Diabetes Advice

This post was submitted by pixiedusk in the Ask Anything box.

I am eight months and one week pregnant and my sugar is high. What can I do to make it lower?

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KarlaTrotman KarlaTrotman 7 years
your doctor can prescribe educational classes for you to take that will teach you how to eat. exercise will help, but you really have to just manage what you put into your body. best of luck. i had it twice.
pixiedusk pixiedusk 7 years
thanks! due to my GD i became scared of food & my weight plunges down.... im trying to gain it back slowly for the baby. i dont want him to be malnourished but its still hard and scary for me to eat anything tho i know i can eat it... i think more than the food its the stress that makes my sugar spike.. so high sometimes... thanks again.
mstrauss mstrauss 7 years
If you do have gestational diabetes, feel lucky that it has developed this late in your pregnancy. I know that sounds strange, but it can always be worse, right?!? Having type 1 diabetes myself, watching my sugar while pregnant is constantly on my mind! Like JJ said above, my doctor and nutritionist recommended eating 15-30 carbs per meal. It seems hard, but it is doable. Just eat more small meals throughout the day. Cheese, eggs, yogurt, berries, or oatmeal for breakfast. Lots of salads and sandwiches for lunch. Protein and veggies with brown rice, sweet potato, etc. for dinner. And any snack under 30 carbs a few times a day. I love those 100 calorie snacks, weight watchers or skinny cow ice cream, or a big bowl of fruit.
SugarKat SugarKat 7 years
Exercise...take a walk-even if just for 10 minutes after you eat. Limit carbs to whole grains and fruits and veggies. NO chocolate or sweets. If you must have sweets, have sugar free pudding or angle food cake. I have gd and just today I ate too many carbs at lunch. I took a 10 min walk and my bs went down by 50 points. GD sucks by the way...this is my second pregnancy with it.
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