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Blood Type

Do You Know Your Child's Blood Type?

Soon after your child is born, you are told your infant's blood type. Often in a fog, many new mothers may forget, but luckily there are doctor's records to keep track of such vital details.

Without cheating, do you know your child's blood type off the top of your head?


Greggie Greggie 9 years
Why wouldn't it be part of the standard procedure? Do they only do it if Mom's negative and might need Rhogam? That interests me.
Dr-G Dr-G 9 years
The hospital said it wasn't part of their standard procedure to check blood types so we have never been told.
redheadkimie redheadkimie 9 years
Lol I don't know mine, my husbands, or the babys. I have mine and the babys on paper work somewhere but no idea about the hubby.
lawchick lawchick 9 years
I don't even know my own type!
schnappycat schnappycat 9 years
There was some confusion at the hospital when my son was born. The blood type results came back inconclusive at first and then they changed his type! Honestly it freaks me out a bit. So I think I know, but I'm not 100% sure.
jessie jessie 9 years
first one is 0+, second one 0-, and third one 0+, dad A+, me B-
apma apma 9 years
I don't remember being told what it was, but since I'm A+ and her dad is O+, what I remember from biology 100 in college tells me that she's A+ like me. I hope, or else her medical paper work has been wrong.
RosaDilia RosaDilia 9 years
My son is O+ just like me and his dad.
meandtheo meandtheo 9 years
i only know it because she was born less than a year ago...i am sure i will forget soon.
Mommy-of-Three Mommy-of-Three 9 years
All three kids have my husbands blood type, A+ so it's easy for me to remember. They told me at the hospital after they were born.
Gabriela14815884 Gabriela14815884 9 years
She is the same like me, O+ :)
Greggie Greggie 9 years
No. One's positive, one's negative, one's a B. I don't think they ever told me my daughter's, and now I can't remember if I got another Rhogam shot after she was born. I feel smart. *lol* I'm 0 neg and my husband's AB pos so between us we can pretty much make anything.
KathleenxCouture KathleenxCouture 9 years
my whole fam has O neg.
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