What's school without carpool, bus lines, permission slips, and weekend sleepovers? Boarding school! Instead of a crossing guard being on alert, a dormitory watchman or housemaster keeps tabs on the students. Parents who attended boarding schools often feel the desire to have their offspring follow in their footsteps and carry on the tradition. Alumni of the system boast about life-long friendships cultivated while living amongst their "brothers" or "sisters" as their families maintained their lives back home. Out on their own, children also become independent, raise a lil cane, and hopefully get a top-notch education. And, every night is a sleepover!

Not every pupil will be lucky enough to have a dorm mom like Mrs. Garrett or an English teacher like John Keating to show them the ways of the Dead Poets Society, but they'll likely find themselves buddies and a bit of mischief like those attending Hogwarts. Would you consider boarding school for your child?