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Body Image and Children

Did You Cut Diet Out of Conversation With Your Children?

Mom might feel fat, but her kiddos shouldn't have to hear it. More and more parents are cutting "I'm chubby" exclamations from their conversation diet as mothers become concerned with the ill effects the statements have on their offspring, particularly impressionable daughters. Some families have even cut the word "fat" from their vocabularies despite a world that is now seemingly obsessed with childhood obesity, trans fat and exercise.

Twenty-three years ago, a front page Wall Street Journal article shook-up beliefs about when girls become body conscience. The reporter interviewed 100 fourth-grade girls and discovered that 80 percent were dieting. The writer recently revisited several of his interview subjects and found that most felt today's grade-school aged girls face greater weight pressure than previous generations.
Do you think body image issues have gotten better or worse?

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ashleylynne ashleylynne 7 years
They've gotten worse. Little girls are dressing like teenagers and when they still have appropriate "baby fat" on them they get upset that they don't look like their stick thin friend. 23 years ago at least little girls were wearing clothes that age appropriate. I was shocked to see that Gap has labeled their jeans "skinny" fit jeans. But it's also sad that they have to carry plus-sized childrens clothes because there are so many obese children compared to 23 years ago.
lickety-split lickety-split 7 years
no. parents control what goes into a childs mouth. i have a friend who's 11 year old is approx 75 lbs over weight. she told me, "i don't know what to do. if i feed here healthy foods she won't eat.' don't buy crap. easy.
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