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20 Moments When Having a Sibling Is the Best Thing Ever

Apr 10 2016 - 4:18pm

The decision to have a second — or third or fourth — child is one that will change your family forever. And if you're still on the fence about whether or not it's a good idea, we've got some great reasons to give your child a sibling [1]. There are some things that only brothers and sisters understand, from childhood to those tough transitional years, and throughout the highs and lows of being an adult.

Here, captured on the camera, 20 moments that can only be shared with a sibling.

When You Need Someone to Look Up To

Source: Jennifer Little | Sugar Photography [2]

Or You Need Someone to Torture

Source: Flickr user Dave Goehring [3]

When You're Questioning Your Parents' Decisions

Source: Jennifer Little | Sugar Photography [4]

Or Feel Sad About Something No One Else Could Possibly Understand

Source: Flickr user james goodman [5]

When You're Not Quite Ready to Be All On Your Own

Source: Priceless Impressions [6]

When You're Trying Something New For the First Time

Source: Jennifer Little | Sugar Photography [7]

When Looking at Each Other Is (Almost) Like Looking in a Mirror

Source: Flickr user Hendrik Terbeck [8]

When All You Want Is to See a Familiar Smile

Source: Flickr user Angela Vincent [9]

When You Realize You'll Have Someone to Grow Old With

Source: Flickr user Patrick [10]

And It's the Same Person Who Was Always There to Show You the Ropes

Source: Flickr user fuzzyblue [11]

When You Need Someone to Ruin Mom's Pictures With

Source: Flickr user Amanda Tipton [12]

Or Simply a Partner in Crime

Source: Zoom Photography [13]

When You Need Someone to Pick a Fight With

Source: Flickr user clappstar [14]

But Making Up Is a Guarantee (It Has to Be!)

Source: Flickr user Luc de Leeuw [15]

When You're Simply in Awe of the Other's Existence

Source: Jennifer Little | Sugar Photography [16]

Because You're Like Your Own Secret Society

Source: Flickr user Ken Wilcox [17]

When He's the Only One Who Can Get You to Crack a Smile

Source: Alexander N [18]

Or the Only One Whose Advice You'll Listen To

Source: Flickr user Illusive Photography [19]

When You Turn the Most Ordinary of Days Into an Adventure

Source: Flickr user Ben Francis [20]

And When You Realize You're Not Just Siblings — You're Best Friends

Source: Flickr user Mark [21]

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