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Boobie Buddies

Breastfeeding Dolls: Kid Friendly or Are You Kidding?

Bringing home baby when you've already got a toddler brings on a whole new world of issues — envy being one of them.

When a mother nurses her newborn, the older tot often feels left out. A Boobie Buddy ($55) may help alleviate that problem. Crafted with magnetic parts, the mama doll and baby doll can attach to each other at various points, just like mommy and baby. Do you think taking the focus off of the mother is a good thing, or is it too creepy?

Greggie Greggie 9 years
Dolls come with bottles all the time, I don't know why having a doll with other feeding options is considered so inappropriate. I won't get started again on how I feel about people opposed to nursing in public.
ysvilla49 ysvilla49 9 years
Well, after I picked up my jaw from the floor I thought to myself, "Why not?" Mothers breast feed, so why would this be so out of place? I did see a doll that would pee in a potty. This is along the same lines of private things we don't do out in the open. Women breast feed in public but with discretion, most of the time. I applaud the manufacterer, but I'm not sure if I would buy this doll or feel comfortable if my grandchildren played with it in front of me. I don't know how far away we are from seeing this type of doll on the shelves of all stores, but it's great that mothers can have these at home with their younger children.
Greggie Greggie 9 years
I'd always been under the impression that products were posted with the knowledge (and possible recommendation) of the manufacturer. I didn't realize stuff was just pulled at random and the manufacturer put out there without their knowledge.
pip3676 pip3676 9 years
Hi I am actually the UK lady who runs the site and got the designs made up by a long standing toy manufacturer, these are a high quality , fully tested , safe product, to help those of Us out there who want something other than dolls and bottles for Our children as it does not fit in with Our breastfeeding / family ethics. Why should there not be a toy on the market for All of Us ? with different family methods. These are a high quality plush doll set, and not a cheap alternative, as the comment suggests. I chose to invest in a high quality product, from a long standing toy manufacturer, who test fully, so the cost also includes: testing, shipping, designing, packaging, sketches, marketing, insurance, product design protection...the list is endless. Starting out in business is hard ehough not only as a Mother who chooses to stay at home, whilst care for her children and do two years careful research into this, invest huge amounts, so please if you are going to leave any comments anyone, please spare a thought about what I am trying to do here. It's not a joke, its my family livelyhood! Saying that judging by the customer comments and feedback, and orders, from families, midwives, family centres, hospitals and alike) its proving very popular for those out there who understand what I am trying to achieve, I am just balancing up the choice available, whilst get the all important message across about the benefits of breast feeding and cloth nappy wearing.
zoorph zoorph 9 years
It's just too weird. And the dolls themselves are unattractive. Anyway, it's probably better for the big brother/sister to imagine doing it, than buying a specific doll for the purpose. Most li'l kids these days have far too many toys to begin with.
beeps beeps 9 years
I have three little ones. My youngest is 1 year and still nursing. That said I think it'd be kinda silly to pay $50 + for this. Like other posters said the little ones mimic it anyway with their fav doll or stuffed animal - then they move on. Mostly they like being the "big-er kid". This seems like it may just prolong and encourage their interest. Not that it bothers me, by now now everyone has seen my boobs but I can totally see grandma getting uneasy over this. Hey, maybe that's a good thing...
macgirl macgirl 9 years
I have 9 years between my boys and I was worried about the nursing thing as my oldest is coming to that age where he's looking at women in that funny boy way ;-) So I wanted to be really careful not to make a big deal of mom's boob occasionally being out. I think a doll (granted he's probably not the age range they are thinking of) would have put too much attention on it with it's little magnetic nipples and such.
vickibug vickibug 9 years
I wouldn't say that they are bad, but I have to say these rank up there with the strangest things I think I've ever seen. It seems to be making an issue of something (for lack of a better word) that really is just natural.
MissSushi MissSushi 9 years
Yeah, i voted no, becuase id never buy one, but i dont think theyre the WORST thing in the world. Enter the stripper pole for kids.. I agree with keeping kids in their own world. Having your kids emulate you and offering them a toy with magnets are two majorly different things. Theyll emulate you until they get bored with stuffed animals, but a toy meant for this will cause them to linger on it. I dont subscribe to the breastfeeding is bad and sexual club, but this just seems too much. Lastly, lol, theyre SO ugly! fifty five dollars for a poorly made rag doll with magnets, no thanks
Greggie Greggie 9 years
My sons just used regular stuffed animals as well, but I like the doll. I don't think it takes the focus off the mother at all.
babyfashionista babyfashionista 9 years
Jennifer76, both my older sons did the same thing when a new baby came home. They even tried to use the pump on themselves!
milosmommy milosmommy 9 years
I don't particularly like them, but I can see how they might be helpful.
cherrygirl143 cherrygirl143 9 years
This is messed up! too many adults try to bring children into their world...just let them be kids.
gaellemj gaellemj 9 years
The idea doesn't seem that bad, even if I would never offer such a doll. Moreover those dolls are ugly!
nv27 nv27 9 years
I dont know that I'd want to encourage my kid(s) to "breastfeed" their dolls. Im so glad Im not a parent yet, theres too much to think about.
jennifer76 jennifer76 9 years
I think they're cute! My son just picked up regular stuffed animals, hefted up his shirt and nursed them when we brought his little sister home. :rotfl: It was rather hysterical.
Brendelwoman Brendelwoman 9 years
I should be happy that there are entrepreneurs out there trying to solve every problem we have, but sometimes with the baby/kids products it just seems overdone.
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