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Book Advocating Extreme Discipline Could Be Connected to the Death of Adopted Girl

Book Advocating Extreme Discipline Could Be Connected to the Death of Adopted Girl

Here's a story that makes our hearts sink. Hana Grace-Rose Williams came to Washington state from Ethiopia to live with adoptive parents. In their secluded home, the 13-year-old was required to obey strict rules that most of us would consider abusive. She died four months ago from hypothermia after being starved and left outside naked on a cold night. Last week, her adoptive parents, Carri and Larry Williams of Sedro-Woolley, were arrested and charged with homicide by abuse.

Little is known about the couple, except that their parenting style was inspired by the book To Train Up A Child. The controversial book advocates inflicting pain and withholding food as forms of punishment.

Hana's death is not the first to be linked to To Train Up A Child. An adopted California girl was beaten to death by her parents, who were also fans of its precepts.


Read the whole story.

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jennyqueenqueen jennyqueenqueen 5 years
this is horrible. parents are too strict, i believe.
christineobwamu christineobwamu 5 years
This is quite annoying,why did they adopt the child in the 1st place?Because even animals cant behave like this infact they know how to pamper thier babies .like it has been always said only the biological mother can tell the pain of achild that couple doesnt know what it cost no wonder they did what they did to take away the life of asweet angel,Shame on them.R.I.P sweet angel hana grace.
NicholeWilson82375 NicholeWilson82375 5 years
This is horrible. I will be honest I am a single parent and it can be very overwhelming when you are doing everything by yourself. But I can never imagine starving my son or making him sleep in a closet. Someone should make them sleep in a closet and starve them so they can feel the pain and effects of what they did to that poor child
MagdalenaZlatkovska MagdalenaZlatkovska 5 years
Are these parents insane! they should be punished the same way!
CoMMember13630963103986 CoMMember13630963103986 5 years
At no point does this book advocate abuse. Sadly, people like this look for reasons to hurt poor innocent children.
ChristyKennedy ChristyKennedy 5 years
So those of you supporting this book are ok with using a piece of plumbing to beat your kid?? That's what these nuts did to their children, among other things.
AnniceCulp AnniceCulp 5 years
First I want to say as another parent stated. The book should not be blamed for the sadistic behavior of these two parents. People who more then likely could not have passed a domestic background check. Hence the overseas adoption of a child from a continent with a very unstructured legal system. That is what people need to take from this incident. Not that these people blame a book for their parenting issues.
LauraBranhamClaton LauraBranhamClaton 5 years
Ok seriously?? you can not blame a book for someone's actions!!! I have not read this book so I can not say a whole lot on it, however, if these "parents" did get these techniques from it then I would say the author is sick and needs help. Having said that, I will also say if someone told me to beat my child because they were being naughty I would not do it!! It is absolutely ridiculous to give people like this an excuse for their actions. You do not abuse your child because someone else told you, you had to. Quit giving people excuses for their poor decisions and show the world we mean business when it comes to child abuse. Millions of children are abused yet for just about every case there is an excuse for the parent.... well they had a hard child hood.....the kid was a really difficult kid..... who cares?? The reason is unimportant we need to find a way to stop it and quit caring about the reasons behind it!
MarlonTerryEpperly MarlonTerryEpperly 5 years
It's not the book! I raised my children with this book. It does NOT advocate abuse but love. As andrea said, where ever I went, people commented on how well my children acted. My children are in their thirtys now and raising their children with the same principles. I have one child who is now a Missionary and another that is serving the Lord in a local church. People can take any suggestion and go to extreems with it.
vyonepherlawrence vyonepherlawrence 5 years
I'm speechless!...
AnnaSchrock AnnaSchrock 5 years
We all like to blame our wrong actions on something,I say anyone who blames what these cruel heartless parents did on this book;is only trying to shift the blame and is not using common sense.Those parents did not love that child...end of story!!!!!
AnnaSchrock AnnaSchrock 5 years
I have read this book and in no way does it advocate abusing your child!!!!! If more people would read and follow the suggestions on how to train a child,in this book,then there would be alot less crimes and alot less emotionally abused children.They tell you how to train a child into good behaviour,just like you train a dog to act right and do tricks,etc.Many parents do no training,then their child acts up or does something bad and the parents end up getting angry,and yelling,etc. This abuses a child emotionally.
Jess32749 Jess32749 5 years
following a book regarding raising a child is ridiculous! No two children are alike! I would do my own research by professionals before I ever followed any book. what happen to common sense?? why didnt anyone report this before it was to late?? neighbors?? teachers? peditrician? >.< May this Ethiopian child RIP! & those loser parents suffer the maximum sentence! & the Author of the book sued & loss all profits made on such a book! who would buy such garbage? really people?? how pathetic!! I do my own parenting- based on my sons... they are nothing alike & neither should the dicipline! some people need a high five to the FACE ...with a chair....
MiriamBanash MiriamBanash 5 years
There was another abuse case involving adopted children with one girl being killed and the other badly injured also due to this book.
CindyMersberger CindyMersberger 5 years
Crazy parents are cause of girls death! No book can be blamed for someones idiocy or we would all be crazy!
JunieBillings JunieBillings 5 years
FloWhipple FloWhipple 5 years
There are millions of books and many of them say stupid, and emoral things but that doesn't mean just b/c I read it I could blame bad choices on the book. These parents did these evil deeds they are to blame no one else.
AmyThompson64003 AmyThompson64003 5 years
Read the book, please, before you comment on it.
TracieDumm TracieDumm 5 years
On what planet is withholding food and intentionally inflicting pain on a child acceptable in any way, shape or form? We have laws that explicitly prohibit treating children this way. Absolutely insane.
TracieDumm TracieDumm 5 years
Discipline your children with at least the same amount of humanity that you would use on your dog. Starved and left out in the cold??? Poor sweet girl. She is better off now.
RebeccaWatkins15046 RebeccaWatkins15046 5 years
To Train Up a Child has been a valuable resource for our family and for many other families we know. It does NOT advocate abuse in any form. Parents who abuse their children deserve to be punished.
AudreyFergus AudreyFergus 5 years
Horrible and so sad. These parents should be punished.
PamSmyth PamSmyth 5 years
the book "to train up a child" is not responsible for childrens deaths that is true, their parents are, however, the methods of "discpline" outlined in the book are barbaric, I was going to a church that had a speaker come to promote the book, and as a parent of 4 (now all grown and wonderful, educated, responsible adults) the idea of pulling a baby's hair is horrifying, witholding food? making a toddler sleep on the floor for wetting his pants? no, you can discpline with love, but this is abuse plain and simple, and while you may get obedient children, that should not be the goal pf parenting, the goal should be loving well balanced people, and I can't imagine that treating the little people who count on you for their life that way will allow them to grow into emotionally healthy people.
LoreenHitch LoreenHitch 5 years
I think it's so unnecessary to mention that these were adoptive parents. How relevant is that? >:(
StephanieLeeMcClellan StephanieLeeMcClellan 5 years
This makes me want to read the book. Theres so many sides to the story. When I was growing up my mom would hit me when I was being punished. I think it was effective. I occassionally slap my sons hands, arms or thigh when he doesnt listen. Temp effect. I switched to "mommy is sad bc you wont listen to me" and its very effective! I think whatever works for your child without physically damaging your child is fine. Dont kill the child!
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