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Children's Texts That Make Moms Cry

Grab a box of tissues and one of these books before putting your baby to bed! Children love a good read, but some of their favorite board and picture books are quite the tearjerkers for postpartum or weepy mothers. Love You Forever is the tale of how a mother's love for her son never ceases. The story ends with a role reversal as the grown man cares for his elderly mom.

Check out five other tear-jerking texts that sensitive moms might want to permanently shelve, when you


  • In The Kissing Hand, Chester Raccoon is nervous for his first day of school so his mama kisses his hand and tells him that he will feel her throughout the day. This tale of reassurance is one to which all parents can relate.
  • Billy Crystal may be best known for comedy, but his I Already Know I Love You, a tale of grandpa's eager anticipation for his grandchild's arrival, will get the waterworks flowing.
  • Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree may be about unconditional love, forgiveness and understanding, but many moms see it as an emotional look at a self-denying mother who wears herself out for the sake of her child.
  • Margaret Wise Brown's Good Night Moon is on most tots' bookshelves, but her Runaway Bunny about a mama rabbit who tells her bunny that wherever he hides, she will find him, may flood tear ducts.
  • In I Love You More, a mom and tot exchange reasons they love each other more and more. It's full of truths that hit readers in the heart.

Is there a text that makes you emotional?

The Kissing Hand

I Already Know I Love You

The Giving Tree

The Runaway Bunny

I Love You More

On the Night You Were Born

I'll Always Love You

Join The Conversation
Natasha-Dantzig Natasha-Dantzig 5 years
Yup, Love You Forever kills me every time
nicole121482 nicole121482 7 years
Wow...just looking at the cover of Love you Forever has brought tears to my eyes! lol
katedavis katedavis 7 years
I can't stand I Love You Forever. Makes me bawl every time. My son brought it over for me to read yesterday and I flat out refused. Thanks for reminding me I should donate it to the library or something.
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
just remembered its called if we hold on together.
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
i cant listen to the song at the end of Land Before Time without instantly bursting into tears, Dont Lose Your Way.....haha
Lily-Inferno Lily-Inferno 7 years
Love You Forever makes me cry just thinking about it. I tried reading it to my son when he was little and never made it all the way through. I would like to read Billy Crystal's book though
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
Its a shame people like to trivialize family ties, emotions, love and anything else that shouldnt be taken for granted. Its like the in thing, i swear. Not everything is sexual, get over it.
jkatie jkatie 7 years
as with every one else i cry while reading i love you forever
KAEB06 KAEB06 7 years
Love you Forever makes me cry every time...
RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 7 years
LOL I have heard SO many bad things about Love you forever. The mother/son relationship seems incredibly unhealthy.
meandtheo meandtheo 7 years
we have this book and read it chokes me up but my hubby doesn't like it so much.
sham28 sham28 7 years
OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD! I completely forgot about this book until I saw the picture and my chest got all tight! "my baby you'll be..." I agree it's a little bit obsessive but the sentiment is clearly very beautiful and sweet. Me too, lilkimbo, The Giving Tree kicks my ass every time.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
I'm not even a mother and reading this post made me well up! I'll Love you Forever always brings tears to me eyes; so does The Giving Tree. Queenegg, I don't have quite the same emotional response to Personal Penguin, but I do love that one, too!
cheersdarlin916 cheersdarlin916 7 years
One day I was standing in the kitchen and I love you forever was just sitting on the counter and I picked it up, not having read it before and just started to skim through it and before I knew it I had finished reading the whole book and was standing there crying my eyes out. I put the book down, called it stupid and went to wash my face. It was a very good book but the emotions it gave me was so not cool. hehe.
rgrl rgrl 7 years
Got this book from the library, managed to read it without crying. It gave me a creepy feeling too, so I won't be buying it. Too melodramatic.
queenegg queenegg 7 years
Okay, so this may just be me, but there's a book called Personal Penguin. It's about a penguin who just wants to love a hippo and how the penguin's wings were made to hold the hippo. It's a little cardboard book, but it gives me a lump in my throat.
Read2me Read2me 7 years
I cannot get through Someday by Alison McGhee without getting choked up.
TammyO TammyO 7 years
Sorry but that Love You Forever book is just plain creepy! Especially that pic of the mom peeking through her son's window. Her GROWN son's window!
Pallas-Athena Pallas-Athena 7 years
I love Love You Forever and I'm planning to buy it for my friend.
babysugar babysugar 7 years
On the Day You Were Born used to make my well up but after reading it so much, I can finally get through it without a lump in my throat.
Roarman Roarman 7 years
Ditto everyone else on I Love You Forever. We own it, but I won't read it. I am also glad to see The Giving Tree on the list, I thought maybe I was the only one who welled up at that one.
skigurl skigurl 7 years
just looking at I Love You Forever gives me goosebumps
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