Children's Texts That Make Moms Cry

Grab a box of tissues and one of these books before putting your baby to bed! Children love a good read, but some of their favorite board and picture books are quite the tearjerkers for postpartum or weepy mothers. Love You Forever is the tale of how a mother's love for her son never ceases. The story ends with a role reversal as the grown man cares for his elderly mom.

Check out five other tear-jerking texts that sensitive moms might want to permanently shelve, when you


  • In The Kissing Hand, Chester Raccoon is nervous for his first day of school so his mama kisses his hand and tells him that he will feel her throughout the day. This tale of reassurance is one to which all parents can relate.
  • Billy Crystal may be best known for comedy, but his I Already Know I Love You, a tale of grandpa's eager anticipation for his grandchild's arrival, will get the waterworks flowing.
  • Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree may be about unconditional love, forgiveness and understanding, but many moms see it as an emotional look at a self-denying mother who wears herself out for the sake of her child.
  • Margaret Wise Brown's Good Night Moon is on most tots' bookshelves, but her Runaway Bunny about a mama rabbit who tells her bunny that wherever he hides, she will find him, may flood tear ducts.
  • In I Love You More, a mom and tot exchange reasons they love each other more and more. It's full of truths that hit readers in the heart.

Is there a text that makes you emotional?