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Bottle Drying Racks

Pimp Your Crib: Drying and Organizational Racks for Bottles

I've spent enough time washing and sterilizing baby bottles to recognize how important it is to keep all your bottle paraphernalia in one place. Sometimes it feels like as soon as I finish washing and filling a bottle it's time to, well, wash and fill it again.

If you are trying to keep your feeding gear in one place, consider a pretty and functional organizational unit like the Splash Drying Rack ($28), which adds modern design to the age old activity of washing bottles. It has a little shelf for nipples, straws and valves, but comes in a space saving design that will house all your bottles in one spot.

A friend of mine has even made a simple spin tray (you know the kind people keep spices on) into the official bottle central in her kitchen. While it doesn't help for drying the containers, it allows her to store everything in one place.

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milosmommy milosmommy 9 years
Kamiko, some of us had no choice so please stop judging. Don't you think some of us wish we would have been able to?? Then you have to throw it in our faces and make us out to be horrible mothers because we couldn't. I had not one but two strikes against me, I didn't produce enough (my son would have starved to death if I only BFed) and he's allergic to milk and had to have a very special formula. You have no clue as to why some women give formula as opposed to breast so don't assume it's just because we're lazy or uninformed. Trust me it's definitely not lack of info it's being beaten into our brains at every turn that breast is better that formula. So please stop with the breast rant.
snowysakurasky snowysakurasky 9 years
this is a really cute and attractive design. however,i happened to click on its reviews somewhere, (probably because i find it so cute) and they were not that good. i think it was tippy. i do wish lil and baby sugar would encourage breast-feeding more though. ( when i was pregnant my OB asked if i was planning to bf and i said, probably, if i can, and was told that the overwhelming majority of woman can but some just need extra help in the beginning. yet a lot of american women still formula feed. the united states is the last westernized nation that has yet to jump OFF the ridiculous, useless, money-driven formula bandwagon. breast milk is 'real food' for babies while formula is an imitation. if you don't eat spam and Twinkies or drink milkpowder+oil+sugar+chemicals in a can like slimfast and boost, why would you give similar processed crap to your innocent child when you are the only one she can depend on? you can actually save money and still choose the superior product. there's some food for thought. and pumps are not that hard to use if you need to go back to work!!
mrsmiller mrsmiller 9 years
hopefully I can find one this weekend! thanks for the tip!
anniebananie anniebananie 9 years
thanks for the reminder, I forgot to register for one of these.
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