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How to Style Hair: Tips From a Mom and Bow Maker

It you like it, put a bow on it! Jessica Alba popped quite a few headbands on her daughter, Honor, and Michelle Duggar often opts for floral bonnets for her babes, but everyone loves a bow! From the time a girl has enough strands of hair to gather in a clip, moms start their ribbon collections. We asked Amanda McNamara, the owner of Etsy shop A and J Accessories, to share some bow tips. She said:

1. Don't worry about being too matchy-matchy or having the perfect shade of pink to match your daughter's dress. Mix it up — pair stripes with polka dots, mix a green bow with a pink dress and let your creativity fly.

2. Bigger is better! Unless your daughter's hair is close to non-existent (like my daughter's was until she was almost 2), throw a big old bow in her hair! You are only young once so you may as well live it up!

3. Bows are an inexpensive way to spice things up so don't be afraid to try lots of them. I hate to admit it, but my daughter had almost a different bow for every outfit even before I got into the business of making them!

4. Kids are like celebrities these days . . . they are constantly followed by paparazzi! So when she's in her ketchup-covered play clothes, a bow or headband is the finishing touch to make sure she always looks adorable.

5. And finally on a more practical note, if your daughter hates hair bows and is constantly pulling them out, try a headband or vice versa. Kids are finicky and you never know what they are going to like.

Join The Conversation
Girl-Jen Girl-Jen 7 years
O.o How do you do it? My little one only agrees to a ponytail once in a blue moon, and even then, her hair is so fine that it slides right out.
amaebi519 amaebi519 7 years
I've been putting little clips, flowers and bows in my daughter's hair (and on her hats) since the second it was possible! This might be why she never pulls them out, which makes me really happy - I love accessories, and there are only so many ways to accessorize a little one. Her headbands never seem to stay put, though...
Home Home 7 years
Great tips. She has so many cute bows and headbands! I wish I were a kid again . . .
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