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This Isn't a Joke: Boy Dressed as Batman Saves Baby Trapped in Car

Imagine this scene: a baby is trapped in a scorching car on a hot Summer day. A grandmother, terrified and frantic, is standing nearby as police fumble, unsuccessfully, to break open the door. It looks helpless until . . . Batman to the rescue!

If you thought that was straight out of a comic book, you'd be mistaken. In fact, this action-packed sequence took place just this week in Sussex, England, and the caped crusader was a very real 5-year-old named Zavi Ahmed.

Zavi, who had refused to leave the house that day without his Batman costume, was with his mom and fellow do-gooder Superman (that's right, his younger brother was dressed up too – we can't make this stuff up) when he saw the commotion in the parking lot. A 1-year-old girl, Iris Adamski, became stuck in a Volkswagen Beetle when it suddenly locked itself with the keys inside while her grandmother, Caroline Penny, was loading shopping bags. Zavi naturally sprung to action.

He offered his assistance to the officers who had broken the passenger side window but were still unable to unlock the door. But how could this tiny crime-fighter possibly do what no one else could? He used his size to advantage when he fearlessly squeezed through the tiny gap to retrieve the keys and bring Iris to safety.

What did Batman have to say for himself? He told The Mirror: "I always feel like a superhero, but that day was special."

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