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This Note From "School" Demands That Parents Let Boy Play Video Games

With all the downright confusing homework assignments and bizarre dress code "violations," parents these days are probably unfazed by all the letters they get from their kids' schools. Or at least that's what one boy was banking on when he delivered an intriguing note to his mom.

"Nathan has been doing good in all his classes, except for VIDEO GAME CLASS!" the handwritten letter begins, before warning that if he doesn't stay up all night playing these video games, "he will get kicked out of school!!!"

It didn't take long for the 7-year-old student's parents, who posted the "totally legit note" on Reddit, to catch on that it might just be an act of forgery.

Totally legit note I got from my 7yo's school today

We're not sure if it was the misspelling of "electronic" or the overgeneralized "From, The School" signoff, but better luck next time, Nathan.

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