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Boy's Hilarious Reaction to Baby Sister News

One Family's Gender Reveal Leads to a Hilarious Reaction

Telling your child that he or she is about to be a big sibling can go one of two ways — pure joy or utter disappointment. One couple recently experienced the latter when they told their three children that there would be a new female addition to the family. While the couple's two daughters were thrilled by the news, their son was less than pleased.

"I don't want another girl," the little boy screamed through his tears. "It's too much girls!"

Though he was initially unhappy with the news, the little boy has since said he's excited about the arrival of his third sister.

But we're still cracking up about his reaction!

Front page image source: YouTube user Tiffany Mertlich

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Pinsey15280111 Pinsey15280111 3 years

I totally AGREE with you.

Pinsey15280111 Pinsey15280111 3 years

The worst part is how people actually have the balls to post their own bad behaviors "On-Line" (with your children) ......... CRAZINESS! If you're going to mock your children, and make a fool of yourself while doing it, WHY ON EARTH would you post it for the world to see Now, that's what I call nuts! I wonder if his boss saw it? If he was my employee, I'd find a way to get him out the door. Most parents that can't "parent" are not responsible employees. NEVER post your children on-line, it's really in bad taste, especially if they're not behaving. Good Lord..... that's just sick.

Pinsey15280111 Pinsey15280111 3 years

The "Father" wasn't validating his son..... he was making a mockery of him, and that is not the best parenting. Do you really believe that later on when the son grows up and sees the video that his ignorant father posted on-line he'll think it's hilarious? OMG.......... I wouldn't be surprised to read that the son will end up hiring a lawyer and filing a lawsuit against his own father. The father is an ignorant bully. Glad he's not in my family. After he reads all of the posts on this site, he's going to feel mighty bad. And, if he doesn't, he's less of a man than I thought. Glad my husband wasn't like this guy. What a loser.

Pinsey15280111 Pinsey15280111 3 years

Just got done reading all of these posts. And the one thing I have learned: Boy, the future of our youth is in really bad shape.

CoMMember1361364534341 CoMMember1361364534341 3 years

There are many ways to parent and yours isn't necessarily the best way. In fact, in this little boys case, letting him express how he feels about being the only boy in the family is probably what helped him get over it so fast. Our children are not as fragile as some seem to believe. And for all we know, the father and mother did indeed put their arms around him and let him know that they understood his disappointment, but that he would learn to love his new sister just like he loves his current sisters. Which is exactly what the dad told him and apparently what happened. He got angry and cried so much because he was angry he wasn't getting what his heart desired, a little brother to play with! Nothing wrong with that.

CoMMember1361364534341 CoMMember1361364534341 3 years

Actually, that is her laughing in the background.

CoMMember1361364534341 CoMMember1361364534341 3 years

What on earth are you talking about! Children should be allowed to get angry, show disappointment and express those things. He didn't strike out at anyone, he cried and expressed his feelings. His father sympathized with him, didn't baby him and being able to express that anger is probably what helped him quickly get over his disappointment as stated beneath the photo.

CoMMember1361364534341 CoMMember1361364534341 3 years

Why? There is nothing wrong with a parent hoping for one sex or the other. The only problem is when that parent refuses to accept the new child for what it is and this dad is obviously over whatever minor disappointment he might have had. He even uses it to explain to his son that HE TOO will get over his disappointment and fall in love with his new sister. Why pretend we don't have feelings or preferences? We all do and there is nothing wrong with admitting that as long as don't let your initial preference damage your relationship with your child, regardless of whether it meets you preferences or expectations!

CoMMember1361364534341 CoMMember1361364534341 3 years

It sounded to me as if he was just trying to relate to his son. He obviously wanted another son too and there is nothing wrong with that. What is important is that the father sympathizes with his son, explains that he understands because he was a bit disappointed too and then tells his son that he will come to love his new little sister just like he does his other sisters. There is nothing wrong with hoping your new child will be one sex or the other. The problem comes in when you refuse to accept that you aren't getting what you wanted...and there are plenty of those parents out there!

BarbaraLSmith BarbaraLSmith 3 years

I agree. Lighten up everyone.

ElaineHoward ElaineHoward 3 years

How can the dad carry on filming when his son is in such distress, or stand at the back of the room laughing. If I saw any child crying like that, my natural reaction would be to comfort him, not to film him!!!!

JAM282 JAM282 3 years

"Oh the poor boy is just so upset, how could anyone film it and not instantly hug and kiss and tell him it'll be OK?!?"
PLEASE people, stop coddling your kids! He just had a mini-meltdown cuz he didn't get the news he wanted, but was back to normal within minutes I'm sure (as the article said, he's now excited for his new baby sister's arrival). Everyone in the video will find it hilarious when they are old enough to appreciate it! Also, ease up on the dad. Like his son, he wanted to even up the household with another boy, but that doesn't mean he loves his daughters any less and I'm sure they know that, nor will the boy love his sister any less even if he never gets a little bro.

Quyen1371432424 Quyen1371432424 3 years

Totally agree

Quyen1371432424 Quyen1371432424 3 years

Lighten up everyone. The dad is not an ass. He's just relating to his son

JenniferMatthews80426 JenniferMatthews80426 3 years

The boy obviously is without discipline and the parents have failed to teach any gratitude and respect!! if anyone thinks this is funny, they're nuts and the parents should be ashamed for posting such a video of their son for all the world to see!!!! I truly feel sorry for all the children in that family!

IndiaSilva1373475254 IndiaSilva1373475254 3 years

Its so cute he wants a brother poor thing. My son reacted the same way when I told him I was having a boy he wanted a sister and I wanted a girl. He's not a brat for saying how he feels. If you have to hide your feeling at your house I would hate to live there. He's gonna love his sister no matter what in the end. But he will always want a brother. By the way my dad wanted me to be a boy that fact doesn't make me feel any different towards him. I love him to pieces.

WendyKalinowski WendyKalinowski 3 years

I pray this new little girl sees this video. The little boy is one thing, he is a child, but I agree with the ass of a father agreeing, ""that's the same reaction I had buddy" and then you should have been ready for the disappointing news. That is really sad a father would say something like that about any child they are about to have.

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