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Boy Kicked Out of Doughnut Shop

Boy's Innocent Question Gets Him Kicked Out of Doughnut Shop

Kids have a habit of saying some pretty embarrassing things, and adults usually laugh it off. But that wasn't the case for one little boy in Connecticut. While grabbing some sweets at the Doughnut Inn with his mom, Justin Otero asked a women if she had a baby in her belly — she did not. The 4-year-old's mother, Rebecca Denham, immediately apologized for her son's comment and assumed that was the end of things, especially since the woman in question laughed it off. But it wasn't. The next day, the two returned to the doughnut shop only to be told they had to leave because of Justin's comment.

"We were screamed at in front of the door, 'He's not allowed in here, he's rude,'" Denham told a local news station. The doughnut shop has been contacted by several news outlets but has yet to comment. We can only assume it's because the employees are too busy digging their way out of this sticky situation.

Source: Flickr user roboppy

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sidraalvi sidraalvi 3 years

theres a huge difference between 4 and 14 or 24!

ShannonMorris1389793562 ShannonMorris1389793562 3 years

Again, Beki, you are only looking at the original, very superficial account of the incident. This was not an isolated incident, and the kid had done far more than just asking an indiscreet question. And the mother has a history of being difficult and rude as well. You yourself need to stop taking stories like this for face value and perhaps do a little growing up of your own.
And yes, I have a 19 year old daughter who was taught how to be polite and well behaved, especially in public. Was she perfect? NO! But neither was she rude and misbehaved in public places.

AmandaS24396 AmandaS24396 3 years

That's just it kids assume everything, duh that's how they learn. They say it out loud to mom or dad or a stranger and get corrected. My son when he was two and a half assumed that only white people could drive white cars. He saw an African American get out of a white car and said really load how come that brown guy is in a white car. The guy came over laughing really hard and said yes I have brown skin but I like white cars, but the next car I buy I want it to be red. Should I paint my face red. My son laughed when he said that. They guy then took a moment to teach my son that skin color doesn't matter and that we are all the same. He could have looked at me and called me and my son racists, but realized that he is just a kid.

vickiec51 vickiec51 3 years

the thing said we cute.....the child wasnt being malicious...if he was then even at takes an idiot to not allow them back in or someone who doesnt have bizness savy...

vickiec51 vickiec51 3 years

I too believe will not be kids hahah..not in my raised 5 one girl and then 4 boys....but my support was BIG D....his nickname....fear.....yes sireee we used it ...with 4 boys you betcha....we were military and traveled far and wide way I want my kids acting up or go missing because they arent paying attention..I was on the ball ..oh and by the kids are now ...hahah...old people with kids who are growing up...time flies...yes it does and they travel here and there..I watch as they struggle trying to be parents can tell the ones struggling the most let their kids be kids....teaching is not an easy skill...but its worth it...I talked so much to my kids that they can never say my mother didnt tell me...I still talk....hahah

LaustCawz LaustCawz 3 years

It seems it was actually the owner (a he) who objected.

JoannaBass JoannaBass 3 years

good response! I've been asked that before too while hold my baby. People are so silly. ;)

kjforce kjforce 3 years

Where these Adults that handled this issue ? Please !!!
I think she should get an Attorney to handle this case, as this is clearly a " defamation of character issue " and the child has been compromised. This incident could scar him for life......Society really has hit rock bottom....sorry I just found this to be idiotic....

tammycline tammycline 3 years

what article did you read?

tammycline tammycline 3 years

and kicking a 4 year old who is LEARNING to know social cues and correctness teaches him WHAT? Really? He's FOUR. They say stuff. He wasn't being rude, he was being curious. Obviously you don't have too many 4 year olds in your life.

BekiBowen BekiBowen 3 years

He asked if she had a BABY in her belly!!! He wasn't asking if she was a COW! A BABY! That is innocent! For crying out loud, he is FOUR. The store overreacted! Prof Della - try to show a bit of forgiveness for a FOUR YEAR OLD! Now if he'd been older - 7 or so - it might be a bit different. But a four year old??? My, my....I certainly hope you don't have children.

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