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This Kid's Epically Half-Assed Valentine's Day Project Belongs in the Flippin' Louvre

Beth Teliho's 10-year-old son did not beat around the bush when it came to getting a very important point across to his teacher: he was simply NFI — not f*cking interested — in participating in a Valentine's Day contest. She decided to share how her son addressed the issue in a now-viral Facebook post, and yes, it's hilariously relatable.

The mom uploaded a picture of a very sad-looking Valentine's Day box that her son "decorated" with the words "Contests don't motivate me." LOL. Talk about a minimalist design. She captioned the picture: "DYING. There's a contest at my 10-year-old's school for best Valentine's Day box. This is what my child made. I love him so much right now. ETA: he freaking won 'most unexpected' LMAO."

So far, her kiddo's handiwork has racked up nearly 4,300 shares and 6.2K reactions on Facebook. And hey, you really can't knock him for his opinion, right? At least he's being honest.

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