When lil boys move beyond snips and snails their lairs often need an upgrade too. Lil Community member Intbyfrancesca helped a 7-year-old boy transition a small bare space into a sophisticated room with plenty of space to store his abundance of toys. She shared the transformation in our Revamping Baby's Room group.

We started with a mature gray – Whitestone 2134-60 – for the walls and Hale Navy HC-154 for the accent wall then layered bold fun accessories to keep it youthful and energetic. By incorporating a window bench with drawer storage we maximized the space and created a wonderful nook for reading or just hanging. The twin loft bed from Stanley's Young America collection allows a desk and dresser underneath and keeps the room uncluttered, polished and functional. We used replaceable Flor carpet tiles as the rug and indoor/outdoor water resistant fabric on the bench so if an accidental chocolate milk spills it's no biggie. Style Tiles from PB Teen keeps Aidan organized with play date schedules, birthday invitations and cool pics of his buddies.

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