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Boy's Room in Orange and Blue

Simply Stylish Little Boy's Room in Orange and Blue

Who says a little boy's room can't be sophisticated, stylish, and bold? Certainly not Kimberly Senn, the owner of Senn & Sons, a business that creates modern, graphic children's artwork. When it came time to move her oldest son, Hugo, into a big-boy room, Kimberly created a contemporary space in shades of orange and blue. "Hugo's room was in need of a major update," Kimberly says. "His sunny room in our San Francisco 1909 Victorian was ready for a fresh coat of paint and hot pops of bright colors, transforming his nursery into a little boy's 'man cave.' I took inspiration from more grown-up spaces, but wanted to use bright colors like red, blue, and orange to keep it fun for a little boy." By using a few vintage and vintage-style accents along with more modern pieces, Kimberly created a space that feels "warm, cozy, colorful, and ready for a kid's imagination to go to work. I'd call it 'playfully grown up,'" she says. Keep clicking to check out the results!

Source: Senn & Sons
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