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Boy Scouts' Letter to Breastfeeding Mom

Do You Agree With the Boy Scouts of America's Letter to 1 Breastfeeding Mom?

After complaints were brought to officials about a breastfeeding mom in one Boy Scout troop, the organization's director of field services got involved.

In a letter to the nursing mom, identified as Mrs. Millar, Vance Lackey tried to take a diplomatic approach to the delicate topic while starting with praise for her efforts before also bringing up the discomfort that her actions have caused others.

"You are to be commended for your decision to breastfeed your child, as studies show it is healthy for both mother and child," Vance wrote in the note that has been shared on Facebook. "As you know, there is some controversy in our society about the appropriateness of when and where public nursing should occur. This difference of opinion has been brought up in your son's unit."


After recognizing that this mom absolutely has the legal right to breastfeed in public — and highlighting that they support that right — the letter quickly goes on to ask her to reconsider.

"When you choose to nurse your baby uncovered and/or in the same room as the Scouts, it causes disruptions," Vance wrote. "Some young boys do not fully understand about breastfeeding and have families who may not be ready to have this discussion and some Scouts and/or families are simply uncomfortable with public breastfeeding."

Vance then suggests that she consider wearing a cover or stepping into a different room when she needs to nurse during her child's Scout activities.

"All families and volunteers in attendance have one main purpose of the meeting, which is to provide a positive Scouting experience to young boys," Vance concluded. "Perhaps this concession to those with different views can get this unit back on track. Parents respecting one another's personal boundaries is a good lesson for boys to observe."

Do you think this was an appropriate letter to send or was it completely out of line?

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