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Boy with Special Needs Denied Communion

Boy with Special Needs Denied Communion

Even without the complications of Down's Syndrome it's hard for a mom with little ones to get out the door and to school or church on time, without fail. So our hearts go out to British mum Clare Ellarby. Clare's son Denum has Down's Syndrome and was denied Holy Communion by his family's church in Yorkshire. She told the BBC that the diocese says that her son's inability to concentrate will make it impossible for him to prepare for Communion this year. But it sounds like her inability to make it to Mass every week may also be a factor.

As The Catholic Herald reports, the Church hasn't ruled out Communion for Denum in the future. A diocese spokesman says that "Denum's family has not participated in the regular life of the Church or in the preparation preceding First Communion. We hope that this will change as Denum grows and we are working with him and his family to help him achieve this." In response, Clare explains that with two young children, one of whom has Down's, she just can't make it to Mass regularly.

Read accounts by The Huffington Post and The Catholic Herald

Image Source: BBC via Huffington Post

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AntoniettaRusso AntoniettaRusso 5 years
I have two girls one 9 and the other seven no specific conditions as such healthy as can be but, when came time for her comunion she clearly was showing signs she was not ready to recieve it , here in montreal second or third grade is when parents normally register , i decided it was best for her to wait ......if she has to recieve comunion it<s important for me to see that she is fully prepared i see many go crazy putting them in and years later all for what most kidz do not take it seriously how can they there young , that is just my opinion ...............the church may be doing this for there own good i do not believe that theres any discrimination here maybe she can try next year and see how he does a little patience is required good luck!
LindaMurray98107 LindaMurray98107 5 years
As much as I believe that people with any type of disabilities have the right to participate fully in the life of their church I didnt fully believe this mother when I saw her and her little boy on TV. I'm not catholic but I wondered whether the child was too young for first communion, Downs Syndrome is a developmental condition perhaps he would be ready later (or does first communion have to be given at that age?) He seemed to struggle with paying attention during the interview and I wondered if he at this stage of his life would fully appreciate the complexties of that religious sacrament. I also wondered what the catholic churches stance was on people who perhaps would never fully understand this being able to participate fully in religious life.
CoMMember13627184219372 CoMMember13627184219372 5 years
Looks like it is time to join a not so OLD Traditional church, maybe even a different denomination. Jesus would have not denied him. If people stop going to these churches they will realise they cant stop people wanting to praise and worship their God, even if it is just cause their parents do. Those parents are doing the right thing trying to bring their child up in the church in this progressively wicked world.
aniaschietzelt aniaschietzelt 5 years
Oh yes she can...One mass a week for an hour...
YvonnePrinceGartner YvonnePrinceGartner 5 years
My son has Celiac disease and will not be able to take part in communion either because the Vatican does not recognize a gluten free host as a valid communion.When you watch your son come close to death before doctors can make a diagnosis you certainly will not risk a low gluten host at communion. It is sad that people are discriminated against within their own faith communities.
GloriaThai GloriaThai 5 years
Seems more of they are not going to church, plus preparation for First Communion starts back in September to culminate with First Communion in April or May. Sounds like she just wanted to start preparations now, which would be a bit much for any child, whether or not they had Downs Syndrome.
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