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The 1 Way These Boys Stood Up to Their School's Dress Code Deserves a Round of Applause

After a handful of female students at San Benito High School in Hollister, CA, got cited for dress-code violations for wearing off-the-shoulder shirts, some of their male classmates decided to get involved by protesting in a unconventional way — wearing the exact same shirts as their counterparts.

Several students decided to stand up for the 20 young women who got sent home for sporting off-the-shoulder shirts and posted the results on social media, of course.

The shirts have been banned for years at the school, but many students have complained that the rule against them hasn't been enforced until this school year. Debates on whether school dress codes are sexist are always whirling around the country, but when it comes to this particular school, administrators say that any rules put in place are there for kids' own safety.

"Administration says that it is for our own safety, but I don't understand what they are keeping us safe from," said an unnamed San Benito junior in an interview with Yahoo. "I really don't think that there is someone dumb enough to pull down a shirt first of all — they have no right to touch me or anyone else at all. I mean, there is no point in that. They are focusing on the less important things here."

Although, school officials haven't commented on plans to change their dress code policy, we applaud the student body at San Benito for coming together to stand up for something they believed in.

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