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Like most moms, I spoil my babe every now and then. By that, I mean I buy her a pretty dress for Easter, she has stacks of books up to her eyeballs and likes a swipe of frosting from a cupcake.

But, I see it more and more where moms dress their kids like lil Paris Hiltons and treat them like queens. The t–shirts that say, "Someday I'll get trashed at prom." really don't make me laugh.

To hear my reasoning,


And while I know they are meant to be humorous, I can't stomach the mother–daughter sets that brag about how "hot" the mother is. Seriously — isn't that just begging for attention? And besides that, what are you teaching your child when the hot factor is revered? It seems like we're breeding a generation of brats before they're even able to speak!

Maybe I'll make a line of onesies that exclaim, "Don't ya wish your mommy was smart like mine?" Don't ya?

What's your take on these tees?

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