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Are We Breeding Brats?

Like most moms, I spoil my babe every now and then. By that, I mean I buy her a pretty dress for Easter, she has stacks of books up to her eyeballs and likes a swipe of frosting from a cupcake.

But, I see it more and more where moms dress their kids like lil Paris Hiltons and treat them like queens. The t–shirts that say, "Someday I'll get trashed at prom." really don't make me laugh.

To hear my reasoning,


And while I know they are meant to be humorous, I can't stomach the mother–daughter sets that brag about how "hot" the mother is. Seriously — isn't that just begging for attention? And besides that, what are you teaching your child when the hot factor is revered? It seems like we're breeding a generation of brats before they're even able to speak!

Maybe I'll make a line of onesies that exclaim, "Don't ya wish your mommy was smart like mine?" Don't ya?

What's your take on these tees?

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RyanPorter1365728929 RyanPorter1365728929 4 years
I'm a Researcher working for The Steve Harvey Show on NBC. We're looking to book a segment on bratty daughters in the upcoming weeks. If you would be interested in talking please email me at Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you!
lms lms 9 years
I personally wouldn't buy any of these types of shirts. I did see a sample of Halle Berry's baby purchases. She got her daughter a "don't you wish your mommy was hot like mine" and one for the daddy...maybe it said don't you wish your daddy was dreamy like mine"(can't remember).
anniekim anniekim 9 years
babysugar--I completely agree with you. thanks for the post!
ohjeeze ohjeeze 9 years
I think you ladies are missing the point or maybe I just view the post differently. To me is has nothing to do with "raising stripper" it has to do with telling your daughter that being hot & sexy are what is most important in being a woman. That your body and looks are your biggest asset. It also has to do with this new generation of moms thinking that in order to be an acceptable mom you have to be hot & sexy you have to be a MILF (God I never thought I'd use that word) not necessarily a good mom but just a hot one.
Dbtabm Dbtabm 9 years
This trend is so disgusting! I told my friends no Bratz dolls, no inappropriate suggestive clothing. I won't even let my baby wear a 2 piece swimsuit. Kids should be kids!!!!! Why do all these Mom's want their kids to grow up to be strippers!?!?!
macgirl macgirl 9 years
This trend scares me. In the offices I go into I already see the difference in the young twenty something compared to the slightly older employees. I just can't imagine when these kids get into the work force.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 9 years
My opinion is that the mom, is trying to live vicariously through thier child or they want thier kids to be thought of as cool. I know moms in my office who because one girl in the school got her bellybutton pierced, she feels like her daughter ought to do the same because "i dont want her to feel left out" I would never force my child to grow up before thier time.
faerymagick15 faerymagick15 9 years
jessy777, I hate to say it but my best friend where we used to live had a daughter like that...she would slap my friend all the time and usually right across the face. Of course she would tell her "no" or "that hurts" or "you are hurting mommy" but it didn't help. I had to stop hanging out with her because I couldn't stand her kid. It was THAT bad!! My kids NEVER acted like that with the exception of my developmentally disabled, mildy autistic son. Not that it is that much of an excuse but sometimes you can't prevent a meltdown with a kid like my son. But...he was still disciplined and most of the time, especially in a restaurant, we would remove him from the situation until he calmed down. If he didn't...we got our food to go and went home. But, a normal way!! My daughter was always on her best behavior in restaurants and the one or two times she stomped her feet in the toy aisle....I took her by the hand and left the store! abqmama, you are right...parents today just don't seem to give a crap what their kids do or say or if they are rude or pushy. It is ridiculous!
abqmama abqmama 9 years
And Jessy777, I can't stand parents like that! I will tolerate a little playing in restaurants because they are still kids and can't be expected to sit still for hours on end, but if they were behaving like that little girl they would get a trip outside.
abqmama abqmama 9 years
The problem is people are afraid to discipline their kids now. My husband is a police officer and he gets so frustrated at all the kids who call the cops because their parents disciplined them. And I don't even mean spanking, I mean like taking away privileges and stuff. They are all brought up to think they should get whatever they want that when they don't, they can't handle it and think their parents are abusing them. And parents are so afraid that they will be accused of child abuse that they never try any discipline.
jessy777 jessy777 9 years
Bratty kids abound. I do not have children but my desire slows when I am out in public. Yesterday evening my boyfriend and I went to get some food at a local buffet. There was a little girl who was screaming and crying at the top of her lungs about the fact there was nothing for her to eat. Her mother didn't try to quiet her down or take her away from other diners. Then the girl hit her mother with a plate and started throwing rolls on the ground. Again nothing. I am by no means an expert on raising children but this little brat needed a time out. And to not ruin my dinner.
Moms Moms 9 years
I've always wondered why someone would gift a brand new baby the trashed at prom onesie. It just seems so inappropriate.
lickety-split lickety-split 9 years
yeah, my youngest has a t-shirt that says "captain, note passing team". one day i looked at that and thought; you know i'd be really mad if that were true. so out it went. funny on a bumper sticker isn't always appropriate for a kids t-shirt. teaching kids that it's funnt to be sassy isn't a good idea. i like your take on the "don't ya" wear.
stina829 stina829 9 years
Yuck, I wouldn't wear that. Ew.
phatE phatE 9 years
ugh.. trashy.. i agree
K-is-For-Kait K-is-For-Kait 9 years
I agree that those t-shirts are a little pretentious even though I know they're supposed to be cute. If adults want to wear cheeky sayings about themselves on their t-shirts, they can go ahead. But they shouldn't make the kids! Children aren't billboards for their parents own narcissism. I wouldn't say that this makes the children brats because they're not dressing themselves. I think it does say a bit about the people how DO dress them, though!
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