Women have their Mommy friends, but what about dads? Fathers may be taking a bigger role in raising their offspring, but many are still given the once over by mom cliques at the playground. One group of work-from-home dads in New York started a get together on their own terms — far from the sandbox and without tots in tow.

The men whose children attend P.S. 234 have formed a breakfast club and the characters don't even slightly resemble Emilio Estevez and Molly Ringwald. The New York Times reported that these men — a photographer, a sculptor, a screenwriter — who have been breaking toast over eggs and bacon for the past four years have nannies, housekeepers and high powered wives. The gathering is a way for the men to chat about current issues, cars and kids. It said:

But the dads have no compunction about taking a leisurely break from diapering and spending some of the family’s hard-earned money in the process. “All these fathers are actually really good fathers,” said Mr. Katz, who recently oversaw the birth of his fourth son (and made it to breakfast with the guys 14 hours later). “We do more parenting than our type-A wives and feel we’re justified.”

Would you encourage your husband to participate in this kind of a group?