As moms we get an onslaught of advice from our peers, parents, pediatricians and just about everyone in between. But, when it comes to the law, there's not much room for flexibility.

And, in one case my mother's intuition (and plain ol' common sense) told me I knew best.

A few months shy of his first birthday, my son's legs were so long that they were squished up the back of the chair in his rear facing car seat.

He'd shriek in pain when he stretched because he was crammed in such an uncomfortable position. And, being that he was the size of a child six months older, I turned his seat forward. To see what happened,


California's strict car seat law requires children to weigh 20 pounds and be one-year-old before they ride facing forward. I knew that The California Highway Patrol could issue me a ticket if I got pulled over, but felt it was worth the risk since my lil guy's legs would likely be broken if we got in an accident with him facing backwards.

Have you ever broken a law believing it was in the best interest of your child?