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The Breast Milk Baby Doll Teaches Children How to Breastfeed

Ga Ga or Gag? The Breast Milk Baby Teaches Girls How to Breastfeed

Sometimes an addition to the family makes the big sibling want to play mama too! And toy makers are happy to oblige, with baby dolls that do everything from laughing, crying, and eating, not to mention less cute bodily functions. But if your older one is asking about breastfeeding, do you teach her how it's done with her dolls?

The Breast Milk Baby ($90) is meant for just that. The realistic-looking doll comes with an accompanying bib for a tot to put on — with two appropriately placed flowers for "feeding." When the doll's mouth is placed next to a flower it starts making suckling noises, and there's even a burping step once it's done.

Berjuan Toys, the maker of the doll, says that teaching young children how to breastfeed is important because they need to learn about the many benefits of nursing. "Little girls need to breastfeed," the manufacturer says, in order to help promote it as a "the most loving, healthy practice for a mother and her infant." Would you buy your child the Breast Milk Baby?

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firefly89 firefly89 5 years
I remember my mother breastfeeding my baby brother when I was 8years old. I also remember being very upset that I couldn't feed him. As a second time big sister I wanted to help with the new baby as much as possible. Being that at 8years old I didn't understand the benefits of breast vs bottle. I had no clue why my baby brother wasn't allowed to get a bottle from me. Its all I had ever see babies get, all my dolls ever came with. So my mother had a hard task of trying to explain it all to an 8 year old little girl. "when you grow up and you have a baby you get to be the only one who feeds that baby too if you give the baby milk from your breast too. Its much nicer he dose not cry and I get to hug him" and well I did I now have a 7month old daughter that is Only Breast fed since day one. I think a toy like this would have helped me as a child. and I will defiantly get something similar for my daughter so she can understand what mommy's doing when the time comes to add another member to my family. I think the reason why people are having such a problem with this toy is because they are seeing it as sexual for the child. The flowers that simulate the nursing on on the shirt. The little girl is not undressing as a mother would have to in some respect to nurse a baby. Children young enough to enjoy this doll will probably assume that boys have cooties. They are asexual as children, sexual thoughts and feelings don't start till puberty and I doubt any 15year old girl growing breasts would be playing with this. Children will see it as it is Feeding a baby. Same as they would think of a bottle or a baby getting mashed up food with a tiny spoon. Obviously its not for everyone just like breast feeding isn't for everyone for a multitude of reasons. But if your going to breast feed the new baby with an older sister in the picture I think this would be a wonderful teaching tool and fun mommy play.
goldenmama goldenmama 6 years
I have yet to meet a little girl who has to be "taught" how to nurse her baby doll. Can you imagine some poor little girl playing with this doll at the park, boy howdy I can hear the uproar!!
EvieJ EvieJ 6 years
@Keeley: The difference to me is that it's an adult activity. My toddler can feed a baby with a bottle, but she cannot breastfeed. She'll only be able to that once she's had a baby -I'm thinking when she's around 40 or so ;) . But just as anonymous 4 said, there are some things that are not age appropriate, and are just, well, weird.
Keeley84 Keeley84 6 years
I think this is a nice alternative to dolls that come with bottles. If you're going to let your child learn how to feed a baby doll, why not give your child the chance to become familiar with a natural and often misunderstood or frowned upon way of doing so?
amber512 amber512 6 years
I'm all for breastfeeding, but this doll creeps me out for some reason.
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