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Breast-Pumping Moms Humiliated While Flying

Have you ever had to pump on an airplane or carry breast-pumping paraphernalia through security? While moms have the right to do both and are even supposed to be provided with privacy when they pump on an airplane, it looks like some airline and TSA personnel are unaware — or not on board.

In one recent violation of regulations, an American Airlines flight attendant monitored mom Dawnella Brahos throughout her flight to prevent her from using the breast pump she was carrying. In another, a TSA worker in Hawaii told mom Amy Strand that she couldn't bring the cooler that came with her pump through security unless she was also carrying breast milk. In order to keep the cooler, which is expensive to replace, Strand resorted to pumping in the airport bathroom, in public.

Although both American Airlines and the TSA have apologized, Christian Science Monitor reporter David Clark Scott advises breastfeeding moms who are traveling to know their rights: "Moms and Dads," he writes, "bookmark the TSA page, and carry it with you on your phone. Just in case."

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JessicaPorter79463 JessicaPorter79463 4 years
You know what I am not a shy mom lol. Its called whip that booby out and feed the baby lol then let them tell you that you cant do that!
JandyRivera JandyRivera 4 years
To DebbieNannySellers, these moms were not breastfeeding in public; they needed to pump. Just what do we expect breastfeeding mothers mothers to do on flights? They need to be able to nurse their children without disruption, and be treated with respect or they need to be given the space to express their milk.
missnanny missnanny 4 years
Although I don't agree with the way these women were treated, breastfeeding is a personal choice. I chose not to do it in public and I don't want to be eating at a restaurant and have to look at you breastfeeding., Does that make me a bad person? No. Your rights end where mine begins
HeatherYearber HeatherYearber 4 years
My breast feeding days are over, (My youngest is 11, but this still pisses me off! Walking around all the time are barely dressed woman with their boobs hanging out shorts so short they could catch a cold. Their clothing leaves little to the imagination. Tv shows sex, naked woman and other extreme things all the time. A woman is feeding her child covered up with a blanket and people want to bitch and say that it's disgusting??!! Seriously....I'd rather see that then then the severely obese guy with his fat belly hanging out and his plumbers crack smiling at me because he can't get even his sweatpants over his stomach....shoveling food into his mouth!! Maybe next time I should take the plate away from the guy I see like that, tell him he's disgusting! Same thing?? Maybe I'm reaching, but if more woman did that people would really take notice!!! No overweight eating public....oh and before anyone bitches about that comment....I'm about 60 pounds overweight.
MonicaCunningham MonicaCunningham 4 years
I was on an international flight last year from London to Phoenix when I was told by the British Airways staff to stop breastfeeding my son. I had him under a cover and everything. I was yelled and humiliated. When I contacted the company, they said did nothing wrong and have never apologized. They just ignore my calls and correspondence. The world, especially airlines/airport staff, need to grow up. Breastfeeding is natural. You never see bottle feeding mommas being treated with the same disrespect!
luskid79 luskid79 4 years
I love the dirty looks you get when breast feeding ! I'm a loud mouth bitch and have no problem telling these sorts of jerks off ! There is nothing so beautiful and natural as a breast feeding mother and child, people make it into a disgusting act... Breasts are there to feed and nurture our children ! If more women would do it we would have healthier children and lower health insurance costs !
BobbiJeanMcDonald883 BobbiJeanMcDonald883 4 years
Things haven't changed much I see. I flew with my breast feeding 3 month old in 1979. While on the plane, I covered with a big blanket and started to nurse him. Nobody even noticed until the flight attendent snatched the blanket off my shoulder and started yelling at me for being naked in public! A nice lady beside me gave me her sweater. Never did get the blanket back.
JulieMoats JulieMoats 4 years
this is ridiculous
Renee-Bergeron-OLD Renee-Bergeron-OLD 4 years
We were harassed about my two year old son's medically neccessary formula! We were traveling to Houston, TX for him to have heart surgery and they insisted on opening his formula, taking it behind a screen and "testing" it. Same on our return home, even though I had a doctor's notes. The TSA people were complete jerks.
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