Getting ready for a newborn is quite possibly one of the most exciting times in a woman's life. Washing itty bitty onesies in Dreft, buying newborn diapers, pulling out the My Brest Friend, Boppy, and burp clothes, and attaching the crib bumper have got me all worked up to bring baby home. On my last Walgreen's run, I stocked up on newborn goodies — nursing pads, maxi pads, lip balm, and a tube of Lansinoh to help cure "cracked and sore nipples."

One thing I am not exactly fired up for? Breastfeeding. So many women think there is nothing more incredible than the bonding experience that breastfeeding offers a mother and her child. While I nursed my daughter for eight months, I was never one of those moms that LOVED breastfeeding. Call me terrible if you will, but it was more like a job than a pleasure. There were no tears shed when it was over — for either of us. I am wondering if this time will be different. Will I obsess over nursing my newborn or will it run like clockwork? Either way, I am sure the first two weeks will be brutal as my body acclimates to the change, but I will hopefully have success and nourish my child to a healthy start.

What were your emotions on breastfeeding?