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OnSugar Blog: Nursing Chemise Advice Needed

Lots of moms like to think out loud, and CWTMommy is one of them. She is on a mission to find the best nursing bra on the market, but today she's looking for some advice on her My Experiment With Nursing Bras blog.

I can't resist a coupon, let alone a free shipping one. So I think I might get some more stuff to try just because I've really liked what I've gotten. I already have a couple things picked out, the only problem is I don't know whether or not to try a nursing chemise. I guess it's like a cotton spaghetti strap nightgown with nursing bells and whistles?

Who has had a nursing chemise/nightgown before and did you like it? Is it worth it?

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girlshop75 girlshop75 6 years
i have a nursing gown and it's the best. it looks awful (pink with ruffles) but it's very convenient to just pop down the panel and feed the baby at night without having to pull up your shirt and pull down your sleep bra and then making sure that your shirt doesn't slip down and block the baby's breathing...all in the dark. i have two but i hate the one because it's too snug overall. the one i wear all the time is from but i'm sure destination maternity has a bunch.
cwtmommy cwtmommy 6 years
Sure! Let me do some research and try to remember where I've gotten some of my stuff and I will do a special post just for nursing tops. Look for it later today or tomorrow morning! Thanks for reading!
psychobabble psychobabble 6 years
I didn't use a nursing chemise but I can see where it would be helpful at night- IF it has support in addition to nursing panels. I just sleep in a Medela sleep bra under a tank top with a shelf bra. Keeps the nursing pads in place, gives me enough light support for comfort, but is easy to pull aside if my 7 month old gets hungry at night. I've been lucky to like Medela nursing bras but my biggest problem is finding shirts that I can nurse in, not just those tank tops that have no support. I can't find nursing shirts anywhere, any suggestions?
inlvwitu inlvwitu 6 years
I've never used one either so I'd like to know what other people think as well. I guess I've never got one because I never slept in night gowns before. I was afraid I'd hate it and it would be a waste of money...
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