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Would You Breastfeed Longer to Save Money?

Desperate times call for more mother's milk? In light of the economy, parents are taking extreme measures — some going so far as putting their infants up for adoption or having abortions. Others are finding other ways to pinch a penny here and there to save some cash. Many moms are choosing to breastfeed longer to so they don't have to fork out the dough for formula. Aside from the benefits of breastfeeding, families may take advantage of the financial aspect of it, too. Would you?

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MaggieLei MaggieLei 8 years
That's not why I breast-fed. I was really glad I made that decision, though when I found out the cost of formula!
cutefactory cutefactory 8 years
No option for formula feeders who use WIC I see. It would very difficult for me to pay for all the formula I need to feed my kids and nursing has never been an option for me. ( I have various chronic medical issues that require my being on medications) I realize that breastfeeding is usually the preferred method and you can't beat free. But there are a number of us out there who can't do it. And there is no reason we should be financially punished for it.
dakmo dakmo 8 years
I definitely did! As a mother of twins (with formula allergies as well) I definitely kept going for the cost savings! There were times when I really felt like giving up, but money was tight and I knew breastfeeding was helping the budget considerably. I was proud when I made it past the one year mark with them both!
Chouette4u Chouette4u 8 years
Breastfeeding saves you so much more money than just what you would spend on formula. With formula, you have to buy bottles and cleaning brushes and some people get special sterilizers or drying racks and all sorts of other paraphernalia. Plus, formula feed babies statistically get sicker so you could possibly save money on medical bills.
eggmaker eggmaker 8 years
I breastfeed because it's the best thing for my son, but I will admit I'm am driven to keep doing it by the money it is saving us. It's benifitting us all, this way. I have a lot of friends who don't like breastfeeding, so they find it difficult to want to go the full year, but I don't mind it at all, so I might as well plug on through another 6 months. Where's the harm? Not on the baby or the pocketbook.
bluepuppybites bluepuppybites 8 years
I choose to breastfeed for the benefits (one of which is saving money). My sister bought me a really nice pump, so my expenses were minimal. My husband was ok with breastfeeding, but was really happy when he found out how much a can of formula costs.
red21 red21 8 years
For us it wasn't a money issue but about the benefits. My husband's company offers free formula for a year (they're a parent company of a formula brand) but I still breastfed.
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