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Breast is best, but is it realistic? The World Health Organization recommends six months of exclusive breastfeeding to ensure a healthy start for newborns and infants. And while some mamas treat that 6-month mark as a goal, a new study suggests it is simply unattainable for many.

According to the small Scottish study — which included 220 face-to-face interviews — nursing is harder than most health care professionals lead new parents to believe, and the current culture of "pressuring" parents to put baby to breast is backfiring. Some women felt that the bonding experience wasn't as strong as they had hoped, while others didn't feel supported once they left the hospital, ultimately leading them to stop nursing sooner. The US breastfeeding rate is up to 14.8 percent — far lower than the 25.5 percent the Centers for Disease Control set as a target, but up 4 percentage points over the past four years. That said, are we unrealistic about our goals for new moms?

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mrsrinehart10 mrsrinehart10 5 years
I say to each there own but I dont feel for most women that atleast nursing till 6 months is unrealistic. I had a premature baby, and we are 14 months (almost 15 months in ) on breastfeeding. My daughter had a rytmic disorder with her tounge acid reflux,lactose intolerance so my daughter has physically never had a bottle .Strickly breast feeding.So I can so its not always unrealistic to breast feed atleaast 6 months. but some people have reasons they can breast feed but I think if you are physically able to then go for it!
kmckay kmckay 5 years
I agree that our country needs to be more encouraging and accepting. I can't tell you the number of negative comments I received from people when I was nursing my daughter because she was over a year. I worked FT and people acted like I was crazy to pump at work. I stopped at 15 months because I had to go on medication for something and I didn't want to risk it. But people acted like nursing PAST 6 months was wrong! I actually had people say to me, "You know there aren't any benefits after 6 months." Uhhh seriously?!?! 
Dawn2449341 Dawn2449341 5 years
P.S. I nursed my other two children-one for 13 m. and one for 9 m. I wanted to clarify that I'm not back to work with my ten-day old baby :)  
Dawn2449341 Dawn2449341 5 years
Nursing IS harder than I expected and it's a tremendous time commitment as well. I have a baby that is 10 days old and I can't get as much sleep or help as I could if I wasn't nursing. I work in a job where several days a week, I'm traveling to cities about 60 miles away to do home visits. Breastfeeding requires me to pack a cooler for my car and pump in parking lots, side roads or wherever I can. It makes my work day longer, it's messy and inconvenient but I do it because it's good for my children. I support every mom's decision to bottle feed or to breastfeed but going back to the original question, I think that it is possible to make nursing work in many situations with a ton of commitment from the mother-but definitely not in all situations.
joeysnotoriogirl joeysnotoriogirl 5 years
what about cases where a mother wants to nurse her baby and can't for either medical reasons/birth injury are we supposed to make her feel guilty about her inability to nurse
Nuria2295871 Nuria2295871 5 years
I have breastfed my son for four years, working out of home after a year and a half. Knowing it is one of the best thing you can do for him, wanting to do it, never been ashamed of it, feeling that my body was meant for it, all these made it work. I think that IS part of becoming a mum, not like going to "buy" a baby, you have to work hard for it, this will make you deserve your children, they are not here for you, but YOU  are here for them. We don't own our children, they own us. It is a different approach.
mom2mzjm mom2mzjm 5 years
I have 4 kids and I nursed them all.  With the first I did supplement with formula while I went back to college and my MIL kept my dd.  She weaned herself from the breast to the bottle at 9 months.  My ds #1 would NOT take a bottle ever, despite trying repeatedly (with breastmilk, from 2 weeks on), but weaned to whole milk completely by age 11 months, in a sippy.  DS #2 I nursed until he was 13 months.  He did take juice and breast milk in a sippy when could hold it. I nursed him past a year because I thought he was my last.  Then I got preggo with my dd#2 and I KNEW she would be my last.  I nursed her until she was 18 months.  That was a bit of a surprise for me.  Didn't think I would ever do it, but glad I did.  I was a stay at home mom, so I COULD do it, but I also had plenty of encouragement and determination.  Yes, there was formula in the house and I didn't think it would hurt them, but I just DO believe that breast is best.  Do what you can.  If you can't once, don't automatically NOT try with the next baby.  You never know.  Sometimes the difficulty is how the baby latches on and each baby is different.  Sometimes it's just your body.  Just as every pregnancy is different, each time you are breastfeeding a different baby, your body responds different.
MrsSchmitt MrsSchmitt 5 years
The whole country needs to be more encouraging about breastfeeding. We hear story after story of women getting kicked out of public places because they were breastfeeding. We are trying to encourage women to do it but at the same time we are still embarrassed about it. People need to talk about it more and part of talking about it more is saying, "Yes, this is difficult but you can do it!" They need to know they aren't a failure if they can't make it the whole six months+ but every little bit is good for the baby!
Anna2442999 Anna2442999 5 years
I had to stop breastfeeding after about 2 1/2 months.  But that was kind of my baby's decision, not mine.  It got to the point that I would feed him both sides and he was still hungry and would take a whole bottle!  Crazy!  I wasn't producing enough to keep up with him or satisfy him.  But, I'm glad I got to do it for as long as I could.  And I'm not sure the whole ONLY breastfeeding thing is that great.  I was nice that my husband finally got to feed him and bond with him in such a loving, giving, quiet manner. 
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