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Breastfeeding Mom Called Terrorist

Breastfeeding Mom Asked to Stop Over Security Risks

A mom who breastfeeds in public may be accused by some of being immodest, but it's a rare occasion when she's called a terrorist. Yet that's the reason mom Roseline Remans was asked to leave a country club in White Plains, NY, after breastfeeding her 4-month-old daughter, the Huffington Post reports.

According to the New York Post, Remans was having lunch at the club, and when she started to nurse her daughter at the table, staff asked her to relocate to the bathroom. But police arrived shortly thereafter and asked the family to leave the club because they posed a threat to other members.

To find out why a detective told the family that other club members feared they might be terrorists, read the whole story at the Huffington Post.

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Anna14687004 Anna14687004 4 years
I breast fed all three of my children but when I was in public I had a light blanket that I put over my child and my breast for privacy. Why is ok for men to strut around with no shirts on but a woman breast feeding her child is considered a terrorist? I think we have gone way over the line with the security measures.
RitaNjue RitaNjue 4 years
If someone asked me to go breastfeed my baby in the washrooms, I will buy his lunch and make him eat it in the toilets too. Disgusting creature.
SharonAllison SharonAllison 4 years
We see naked men an women all over the place we see women kissing each other men kissing each other in public an we can't get use to the fact that a woman can breast feed a baby in public this is when we really have to think what are we really teaching are children and we want to know why kids act the way there do because thing that should be important in life isn't
FranoshkaTelemaque FranoshkaTelemaque 4 years
@shawnaginther: Totally agree, I think you resumed everybody's feelings...Should they serve paying customers to the bathrooms too? We have enough children suffering from defects because of malnutrition ( junk food, sodas and all) causing obesity, we have enough problems with adolescents killing people in the schools...and having this attitude towards a woman feeding her newborn is a direct assault to the human rights. I am so mad.
BarbaraWilkinson61984 BarbaraWilkinson61984 4 years
All I have to say is being forced to eat in a bathroom is gross poor baby. The rest has ban said.
brittanynast brittanynast 4 years
What really makes me mad is that for us breast feeding moms we are actually feeding our baby, yes I understand if you just whip your boob out. Most woman cover up. Yet all these dirty ads and woman walking around dressed in next nothing I don't hear people complaining about that! If Someone asked me to go to the bathroom and feed my child I'd tell them to take there lunch and go sit on a toilet see how it feels
ShawnaGinther ShawnaGinther 4 years
The diplomat and wife are from another country and are not white thus the club's racist and bigotted attitude. Both the officer and club need to be charged with Profiling, Racism (ant and all applicable charges), Harassment, Profiling, Defamation of Character, Slander, Purgery, and possibly Assault. If the family has enough money, buy the club and fire the staff with no re-hire and no references. What that family went through should of never happened. My deepest sympathies to them. That mother is doing what is needed to take care of her child. Koodos to her and her husband.
SamanthaGuregian SamanthaGuregian 4 years
What CoMMember said, 100%!
CoMMember13631166098074 CoMMember13631166098074 4 years
breast feed where you like just cover your boob lol dont make a big show of it i hear how so many people want to show there proud of breastfeeding and showing off your breast is good well back in the day we didnt do that and we didnt have many problems llike we do now, and for all the people that want us to go the the rest room no we will not i think if you all want us to go hide then you all need to pay for a clean room in every town every food place in the usa and it has to be cleaned after every use and have a nice feeding chair lets see who wins ty
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