Motherhood is full of surprises! hgreen shared her most embarrassing moment in the Why Didn't Anybody Tell Me group in the LilSugar Community.

Not too long ago, I had my first child and decided to breastfeed. As we all know, milk comes in at the oddest of times and no matter where you are, you gotta feed! One afternoon, we happened to be at an old restaurant with my sister and her husband. I went to the restroom to change and feed my son and my sister came with me. Of course, being an ancient eatery, the two stall bathroom had no changing table, just a chair that was older than me. So my sister balanced my squirmy son across this chair as I changed his diaper quickly. We then went into one of the stalls that hadn't been cleaned since the 80's where I decided to feed him standing up. As I am feeding my son in this dirty stall, I am talking to my sister and the door flies open just as two people walk in and reveal my bare bosoms to the entire restaurant! I slammed the door shut and just as I did, "Aunt Flo" decided that it was time for a visit...after one year!

It gets worse!

I just so happened to be wearing a white skirt that day, amazing, I know. So my sister comes into the stall, holds my son as I take her pants off and put my skirt on her. We are laughing so hard that we are certain that management is going to come and kick us out. As we strolled back to the table, fifteen minutes later, wearing different clothes than what we left in and our hair a mess from having to quickly dress in a mini stall, our husbands just shook their heads and kept eating. It seemed like the end of the world at the moment, but looking back, it was one of the funniest things that has ever happened to me!


My advice to anyone who just had a baby, carry an extra change of clothes with you everywhere you go and never, never wear white.

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