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Eight Tips For Helping Dad Bond With a Breastfeeding Baby

Feb 3 2010 - 6:00am

Breast may be best, but what about bonding with daddy? Breastfeeding [1] provides a baby with countless benefits, it has been known to help mama lose weight [2], ward off cancer [3] and establish an early bond with her newborn. Yet, all of this closeness may sideline pop so take some time to ensure that he creates an early connection with baby too. Check out our eight tips to help your wee one bond with his father.

Go Shirtless

Nursing moms get skin-to-skin contact with their tots every time they feed. Dads can easily recreate this by simply removing their shirts when cuddling with their baby.

Chief Bath Officer

Bath time isn't just necessary to keep kiddo clean, it can give dad a chance to play with his child and provides another opportunity for skin-to-skin contact.


Though breastfeeding is a natural act, it doesn't always come easily to mamas. Support mom while she works her way through the first weeks of teaching her lil one to properly latch on and get comfortable with a nursing position.

Bottle Club President

Give mom a break and use some of that milk she has been pumping to give baby a bottle. Recognizing dad as a food source will help a babe establish a bond with him.

Baby Burper-in-Chief

Mom may be the primary source of nourishment, but once baby has finished nursing, dad can help make the child more comfortable by being the primary burper.

Feed Mama

Nursing moms need extra calories and healthy meals [4] to keep up their milk supplies. While mom is resting, dad can whip up some well-rounded meals to keep his family nourished.

Diaper Duty

Diaper changes aren't always stinky. Many babies are happiest when situated on their changing table – babbling and cooing away. Making dad the diaper changer-in-chief will give him plenty of time for eye-to-eye contact with a lil one.

Night Feeding Escort

Baby may get her middle of the night feeding from mom, but dad can be the child's escort from the crib to the milk source.

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